Tuesday, May 02, 2017

'Franklin Graham not happy with possible nationwide ban of fraudulent 'ex-gay' therapy & other Tue midday news briefs

Historically, lgbtqs were never a danger to civilizations. Fanatical demagogues like Franklin Graham were.

Famous Evangelical Pastor Dangerously Attempts To Rebrand Conversion Therapy - With his defense of Russia persecuting its lgbtq citizens in 2014 and now with this absolutely ridiculous defense of "ex-gay" therapy which has been proven to be dangerous to the lgbtq community and especially our kids, Franklin Graham puts to rest the bull @!%# narrative that gays are persecuting people of faith like him. Read your history, Franklin. Some of the most dangerous people were those who made OTHERS suffer in defense of THEIR interpretation of Scripture. This fanatical demagogue has ceased to be a religious leader a long time ago and should stop being treated as such. 

Parents of gay, bi men in Chechnya told: Kill your children or we will - Has Graham even spoken about Chechnya? 

Proposed Obamacare repeal deal could drastically cut access to transgender healthcare - Yet another reason to oppose that awful repeal. 

Rep. Hoyer urges Trump to recall Mark Green nomination - Damn right! He shouldn't have been nominated in the first place.  

Military professors oppose Trump’s Army secretary nominee - This is getting good. Folks are organizing to oppose this man.  

Equality Act Reintroduced in Congress with Unprecedented Corporate Support - Keep your fingers crossed and if we get disappointed this time, that doesn't mean we stop pushing.

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