Monday, May 01, 2017

Jerry Falwell Jr - Trump 'a dream president' for evangelicals

Jerry Falwell Jr.
The self-degradation of the evangelical and religious right over Donald Trump continues:

Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr., an early backer of Donald Trump, enthusiastically praised the president’s first 100 days of office. “I think evangelicals have found their dream president,” Falwell said on Saturday during “Justice With Judge Jeanine” on Fox News. Falwell cited “reuniting Israel with America” and appointing “people of faith” throughout the administration as the reasons evangelicals in general remain highly supportive of Trump. Falwell also trashed moderate Republicans, who he said “make my blood boil.”

It's relatively sad to know that with the religious right, you can get away with almost any type of behavior - from bad policies to bragging about sexual harassment to consistently lying - as long as you "make them feel wanted" and embrace their positions.

In other words, don't count on the religious and evangelical right to be a moral voice against Trump's excesses. They are too busy gurgling mouthwash and applying lip balm after every meeting with him.

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