Monday, May 01, 2017

'KY judge refuses to hear same-sex adoption cases' & other Mon. midday news briefs

There will be NO undermining of same-sex families

Kentucky judge refuses to ever hear same-sex adoption cases - This religious liberty crap is getting out of hand. Personal feelings are bull in the face of the facts which show children not being negatively affected by same-sex households. I dare the religious right to defend this. No. I WANT them to defend this. PLEASE! My blogger finger is just itching. 

Why Donald Trump’s Second 100 Days Will Be Even Worse For LGBTQ Equality - Potentially worse. As he continues to lose support, he will definitely be going to the group who loves him no matter what - the evangelical and religious right. He may push their mess with more stridency. Then WE push back big time.  

These Gay Republicans Mocked Transgender Women At A Forum In New York City - THEN they got nasty about it on twitter, leading me to read, check, and school a bunch of them. But that's a possible other blog post. This is just sad.  

Weinstein Company wins battle for PG-13 rating for ‘3 Generations’ - A quiet but wonderful victory. '3 Generations' is coming-of-age movie about the transgender community.

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