Wednesday, June 14, 2017

'KKK fails to upstage Alabama Pride event' & other Wed midday news briefs

The KKK unsuccessfully tried to upstage an Alabama Pride event.

KKK members protest LGBTQ pride march in Florence: Hate 'reared its ugly head'- Some members of Alabama's lgbtq community attend their first pride and who shows up? The Klan. If this were a Mel Brooks movie, hilarity would have ensued. In reality though, nothing happened and the pride was a huge success. In addition, the lgbtq community made a positive out of this negative with a donation site. 

Are You The Husband Or The Wife? - OMG! I used to get asked that question in college regarding sex. If there was a wife, I wouldn't be gay.  

Rep. Maloney introduces data collection bill on anti-LGBT violence - Wonderful!  

AMA approves resolution against anti-trans bathroom bills - Good job, AMA! 

Chadwick Moore: LGBTQ People ‘Don’t Know What The Second Amendment Is” - Lawd, hammercy! One of those 'Queer As Folk' rejects.

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