Monday, July 31, 2017

'Reuters poll - Americans support transgender soldiers' & other Mon midday news briefs

Majority of Americans think trans people should be able to serve in the military - Regardless of what one may think, this country's reputation for fairness always manages to shine through the nonsense.

Jeff Sessions’ Assault On Gay Workers Revealed Yet Another Lie He Told At Confirmation Hearings - I never liked Sessions and I never trusted him.

Laverne Cox fires back at comedian who joked about killing trans women - The entire thing is seriously some screwed up shit. The "transgender women are always trying to trick men" lie is no different than the "gay men want boys to molest" lie. 

'I'm The Scary Transgender Person the Media Warned You About': Parents Raise Gender Non-Conforming Kid - Yes we do need more education about transgender children. 

Editor's note - It is with a bit of sadness I say the final item: I only saw her in two films when I felt mesmerized by her power. She wasn't in the first one for more than five minutes. And in this one - not that good of a movie - she was stunning. I love this scene and copied her in it so many times. RIP Jeanne Moreau:


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