Wednesday, June 01, 2011

NOM showing large scale hypocrisy in Minnesota

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is constantly trying to frame the lgbt community as bullies who are trying to "force" folks to accept gay marriage by either silencing people or "poisoning" the minds of children.

The organization portrays itself as supposedly the last line of resistance against an encroaching and violent agenda of folks (i.e. lgbts like myself) who will stoop to all sorts of evil things to get what we want.

But a seemingly innocuous action on part of NOM sufficiently wrecks that idea. And it begs the question just who is willing to stoop low - the lgbt community . . . or NOM:

The National Organization for Marriage and the Minnesota Family Council have registered with the state campaign finance board to actively encourage voters to support an anti–gay marriage amendment on the 2012 ballot.

Remember the recent controversy involving the Minnesota Family Council (MCF)'s "material" about the lgbt community?

To recap, it was recently discovered that MCF was pushing inaccurate information on its website about the lgbt community. To be more specific,the organization was pushing a manual which said that gays and lesbians are more likely to practice sex with animals and children and that they enjoy eating human excrement.

When this was discovered, the information was taken off of MFC's website. However, Tom Prichard, president of MFC, actually defended the material:

According to NPR:
Prichard defends the postings as getting “into the nature of homosexuality and homosexual behavior,” but says that won’t be the focus of his group’s efforts to pass the constitutional ban.
“The focus of this campaign is the nature and purpose of marriage — not a referendum of homosexuality per se, or its lifestyle activities and behaviors,” he says. “I would see that as a separate issue.”

And this is the organization which NOM is teaming up to "preserve traditional marriage and morality?"

Maybe that's why when the controversy was brewing, NOM remained silent.  Who knows? Maybe the organization was too busy either demonizing lgbts or spreading stories about "gay recruitment" to make a statement about MFC's actions.

But it still doesn't explain why, if NOM wants a civil discussion on the subject of marriage equality, that it is choosing to team up with a group who want people to think that gays are pedophiles who, when we are not having sex with animals, busy ourselves consuming urine and feces.

It's a gross thing to talk about but it's a pertinent question to ask Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, or anyone else at NOM.

How can you even encroach the idea of having a civil discussion on marriage equality in Minnesota when one of your biggest allies in the state have already unpacked the bullhorns in anticipation of yelling "fire" in a public theatre?

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Garden Monkey said...

it's going to be a long 18 months here in Minneapolis... I prefer to call these groups the 'Anti gay family' groups...

BlackTsunami said...

Long yes, but hang tough and don't give up ;p