Monday, October 24, 2016

Support of Trump exposes ugliness, hypocrisy of religious right

If there is one good thing which comes out of this nasty election (other than the desired result), it's that the need for power has exposed the religious right. In supporting Donald Trump in spite of all of his many moral flaws, groups like the Family Research Council and people like Franklin Graham have revealed that their so-called Christian faces (under which they also demonize lgbts) are merely a mask. Behind that mask are power hungry, egotistical entities willing to work around the values they claim to uphold.

And if you need more proof of this, check out the following tweets, courtesy of People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch.

They are from a Trump rally at Regent University, the "Christian" college founded by televangelist and The 700 Club host Pat Robertson:

You can see more here (if you can stomach it).

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