Wednesday, December 29, 2010

South Carolina lgbt organization takes on anti-gay discrimination in a hilarious video

The Alliance For Full Acceptance is just one of the many lgbt organizations in South Carolina standing on the front line against anti-gay discrimination.

In an excellent video campaign, the organization challenges folks to take a look at homophobia and how it harms the lgbt community.


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Ahab said...

You don't understand! Tall people are trying to force their "towering agenda" on the whole country! They want to infect our children's minds by teaching them about the genetics of height in schools! If you let them into the military, they'll point and laugh at all the short soldiers and hurt unit cohesion!

I don't buy for a minute that tall people are "born" that way. It's because their parents failed at being good short role models for them. Fortunately, there's hope. Plenty of ex-tall therapy programs can teach tall people to shrink themselves to normal heights.

BlackTsunami said...


Anonymous said...

Waht if we we find out pedophiles are born that way too? Should we accept pedophilia too?


BlackTsunami said...

Since you are in the realm of stupid questions, how about this one:

Since religion is a choice, why should we allow freedom of religion?

But seriously, regardless, one cannot compare homosexuality and pedophilia. Pedophilia by itself involves the harming the children. Homosexuality harms no one, although outside factors, i.e. homophobia, does contribute to bad behaviors in some lgbts.

The factor of being "inborn" or not is irrelevant.