Tuesday, November 17, 2020

James Dobson mourns Trump's loss, spews transphobic lies at Biden

James Dobson

Whether they like it or not, the religious right has to deal with the fact that Donald Trump lost the recent presidential election and come January will no longer be president. This means they are going to lose all of their access to the White House and the ability to meddle in and muck up policy issues. 

While some are spinning portents of doom and despair, others are handling it with a heavy heart such as former Focus on the Family head James Dobson: 

There is a heaviness within my spirit today on behalf of our beloved nation. I’m sure I share that sentiment with many of you. In a sense, Shirley and I are also grieving over the potential passing of an era, during which I believe God gave America a spiritual reprieve. President Donald Trump was partially responsible for this crucial change of trajectory.

Dobson neglects to say exactly why God chose Trump to be the vessel of a spiritual reprieve for America. I guess he was too busy attempting to paint Trump as a hardworking Christian man besieged by people attempting to destroy him at every turn.

 People who know the President best tell us he is one of the most hard-working and dedicated men ever to serve in the Oval Office. We saw that indefatigable nature during his final campaign, when he once held nine rallies in two days. He is also remarkably resilient. The media and his political opponents hammered him every day for four years. There was never a respite. President Trump arose every morning knowing he would be unfairly ridiculed and attacked from morning to night. . . . Yes, I admire Donald Trump. He is sometimes brash and aggressive. But as a New York entrepreneur and as a president under siege, he has had to be tough to deal with his challenges. But there is no doubt that he loves America and its people. Speaking personally, I will miss his presence on the national stage when he is no longer our President. 

For someone who opposes gay marriage, Dobson seem to be making a strong case why he will divorce his wife and marry Trump.

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