Thursday, May 05, 2022

Video - Parents of trans and non-binary kids weigh in on ugly year of legislative attacks on their children

Dear mainstream media, you are not doing enough to amplify the voices of transgender and non-binary children nor their parents as they are being attacked by conservative lawmakers and legislatures.  Please do better in rightfully presenting their stories, such as what's being done in this video.

Before the GLAAD Awards - An Online Chat with 'Outstanding Blog' Nominees

For those who have never seen me on video, I do apologize for the above video.

Just kidding. 

In anticipation of Friday's GLAAD Awards, GLAAD recently hosted an online chat with the five nominees of the 'Outstanding Blog' category. As folks know, I was blessed to have won the award in 2017 as well as receiving five nominations with this year included.

The online chat was hosted by social media personality Peppermint of RuPaul's Drag Race. I am appreciative to her and to GLAAD for spotlighting the work of us tireless LGBTQ bloggers. We work diligently and with little acclaim to bring news, hope, style, and (in my case) fire to our community and to educate the mainstream about who we are. 

(Memo to myself - next time use some of that Streisand lighting. I was definitely channeling that 'Gloria Grahame went straight from work at the studio to the Oscars' look.)

 (And to answer certain questions, yes those are action figures behind me . . . hush)