Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Randy Rainbow calls out George Santos with a viciously funny parody song

 Consider the above video as sort of an entertainment break from fighting the anti-LGBTQ industry during this so-called culture war. In the old days, comedian Bob Hope used to travel overseas to entertain our fighting troops. While we don't have Bob Hope, we do have Randy Rainbow. He helped get us through the Trump years and while I hope we don't get into a situation in which we really need him (i.e. Ron DeSantis getting elected as president), there is still an endless stream of political hackery he can call out.

In this video he calls out perennial liar and gay Republican Congressman George Santos using songs 'Jolly Holiday' from movie Mary Poppins and 'Georgie Girl' by the Seekers.

Admit it. You knew this match was coming.

'DeSantis lies about his anti-LGBTQ book bans while escalating war on drag shows' & other Wed midday news briefs

FL Gov Ron DeSantis

DeSantis Engages In ‘Complete Gaslighting’ Over Florida Book Bans​ - On top of everything else, DeSantis is a liar. And he isn't even trying to hide his hand here. This man is an immoral SOB and him in the White House would be a disaster for everyone. If he can lie so freely about us, then he can lie about other Americans. We are all at risk from a DeSantis Administration

School that refused to play team with trans player is barred from tournaments - Prepare for hell to be raised, but bring it on. It's only one player and they haven't even played the team yet. They simply refused to play and made some ugly comments about her. 

Karine Jean-Pierre to LGBTQ+ Community: ‘President Has Their Back’ - I hope President Biden backs up her words with something. 

U.S. House committee debates federal ban on trans women in women’s sports - This was last week and it was not pretty. The fight for equality isn't supposed to be.