Sunday, September 19, 2021

'Pose' swept out of major Emmy awards, but still legendary and groundbreaking show

I was hoping that what I would end up writing tonight would be about the television show Pose sweeping the Emmy awards or at least making history by winning the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

But such wasn't to be. It was the night of The Crown as that critical favorite - and very well done television show - swept the major categories while Pose ended up with no major Emmys this year (although it did win three at the Creative Emmys last weekend). And it was the show's last year with the stunning season finale which left many of us in tears while others with sore hands from applauding. 

Oh well. It is what it is. But let's not forget, that in its three seasons, Pose has been nominated for 20 Emmys while winning four, including Best Actor in a Drama Series, and one special honor. 

Lastly, Pose getting shut out of the major Emmy awards this year in no way diminishes its status as a groundbreaking television show. It's certainly not the first that we've seen something like this in the entertainment medium.

In 1976, the Broadway musical Chicago was very popular and got 11 Tony award nominations. However it was shut completely out of the winner's circle thanks to an equally stunning and more popular musical A Chorus Line (which got 12 Tony nominations and wins including Best Musical and three of the four acting in a musical categories). In 1985, the Steven Spielberg directed hit motion picture The Color Purple led the Oscar pack with 11 nominations only to be totally shut out with no wins.

Pose will be fine. At least a lot better than I was when I watch the ending.  But awards or no awards, Pose has a special place in my mind.  It preached to me a truth that was so stunning that I sometimes turned the channel because it was like the face of the divine - too bright and powerful to behold. But I always found myself coming back. It was a show which simply talked about self-love and self-empowerment to a community which the majority of society wants to ignore. My community.