Friday, November 02, 2012

'The Queens endorse Obama' and other Friday midday news briefs

 I LOVE this endorsement! Sometimes it takes a real queen to say what no one says but everyone should be talking about.

In other news:  

National Organization for Marriage accuses 'white people's money' of buying black vote; so acting like NOM, basically - Where in the hell is that damn lightning!

Rush Limbaugh Suggests Chris Christie Is Going Gay For Obama - If this was the case, Limbaugh's probably jealous.

Anti-Equality Groups Roll Out More Exaggerated ‘Victim’ Stories - Junk, junk, and even more junk after that. 

Parshall: Satan the 'Great Deceiver' is behind Marriage Equality - The next time Maggie Gallagher and that bunch whine about being called "bigots" simply because they don't agree with marriage equality, point this lovely gem out to them. 

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'Loony' Victoria Jackson gets schooled by gay rights activist

 If you are feeling like I am today, you are hit by the double shots of political burnout and Friday euphoria. That being the case, enjoy not a long post from me about equality or religious right deception,  but a video courtesy of "your friend and mine" (I'm being extremely sarcastic there) the former comedian and now right-wing commentator Victoria Jackson as she interviews and gets schooled by a young gay activist in September.

The young man is a nice spokesman who handles himself well even when bombarded with Jackson's ignorance and that of someone who felt the need to make himself known on camera. Of course had it been yours truly, I wouldn't have been so nice.

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