Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Video - 'Unladylike2020' - LGBTQ black icon Gladys Bentley made defying the cultural norms work for her

I am posting this video because its subject, Gladys Bentley, is a fascinating icon in both Black and LGBTQ history. At a time in which homosexuality was heavily frowned up, Bentley stood out as a talented artist who refused to hide who she was. She embraced not being seen as 'ladylike' and made it work for her.

Also, this video should start a much needed, albeit highly difficult discussion with regards to our black heroes and how said heroes treated LGBTQ people of color. (as seen with civil rights stalwart Adam Clayton Powell starting at 7:18 of the video ) As we saw last year with the Dave Chappelle situation, some heterosexual black people only 'tolerate' LGBTQ black people after they psychologically split our dual identities.