Thursday, January 06, 2022

Religious right leader Tony Perkins implies that Donald Trump was the real 'victim' of the January 6 insurrection

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins

I'm not surprised by the most recent attempt by the Family Research Council and its president, Tony Perkins, to gaslight about the January 6th insurrection of 2021. I wouldn't necessarily say that I hoped they would but I knew that before the day ended, I would have something from them to write about.

They didn't disappoint as this snippet from the FRC webpage proves:

The rest of the country already celebrated Christmas, but for Democrats, it's today. To them, the anniversary of the January 6th riot marks one of the greatest political gifts ever given -- a terrible stain on our country that Joe Biden's party will forever exploit and distort to keep the outrage about conservatives burning. "Every day is January 6 now," the New York Times had the audacity to declare. And maybe for the far-Left it is. For a struggling and fractured party with no successes to speak of, the constant reminder of 2021's traumatic event seems to be the only thing they can grab to keep their socialist dreams afloat.

 That's not to say that what happened when the mob stormed the Capitol wasn't repugnant. It was. But it was also the culmination of months of frustration, isolation, nationwide lawlessness, and despair, cheered on by (if not orchestrated) by the Left. "This is what inevitably happens when a society lets violent mobs run roughshod through cities and towns and does nothing," John Daniel Davidson warned. And while the vast majority of people on that day weren't there to shatter windows or trash offices, the entire conservative movement is still paying a steep price for those who were. 

 President Biden, desperate to make political hay while the media's sun is shining, railed against the entire Republican Party this morning for its supposed "plot" to topple democracy. They held "a dagger at the throat of America," he accused before making another empty appeal to unity. "I will stand in this breach," Biden claimed, after 12 months of doing nothing to bind the nation's wounds.

Then there was this part about Donald Trump, whose constant lies about a stolen election was the root cause of last year's insurrection:

Mark Meadows, Donald Trump's former chief of staff, could only shake his head at how the date continues to cast a shadow on all the president accomplished. "It is really all about trying to make sure that January 6th defines what President Trump and his entire four years was all about. You and I know that's not the case," he said on "Washington Watch" Wednesday. 

 . . . The Donald Trump he knew wasn't the reckless villain the Left and media make him out to be. "He's got an unbelievable compassionate heart. People don't realize that in [private], when there [are] no cameras rolling, things touch him in a way and he does something about it -- whether it's writing personal checks, whether it's making calls to people that have suffered loss. He loves this country and does that in a way that profoundly impacted me."

Is it just me or are these bozos implying that Donald Trump was the actual 'victim' of last year's insurrection at the Capitol?

Try as I might, I simply can't get angry at Perkins or FRC.  It's what I have learned to expect from their brand of 'religion.' No doubt there is a segment of the population who will absolutely believe the drivel they spew, but what about standards? What about honesty? Perkins and FRC seem to be so intent on exploiting their supporters that they ignore the rest of us who aren't fooled by their capitulations. And they are definitely ignoring the God they claim to serve.

Do Perkins or FRC really think that their lies and brazen deceptions are okay with Him?

The vision in my mind right now when thinking of Perkins and FRC are rows of elderly black women in their Sunday best (fanciest hats included) all shaking their heads while simultaneously muttering "fix it, Jesus."

In other words, what I feel is embarrassment for Perkins, FRC, and anyone who supports them. But I also feel that its rather apt in a Shakespearean sort way. Fans of the Bard  remember that one of his characters, Lady Macbeth, was doomed to sleepwalking madness because of her part in brutal murders.

In that same spirit,  Perkins and FRC seemed to be doomed to  have to kiss Donald Trump's ass. Even when he is no longer president.

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