Friday, March 10, 2017

'Poll says most Americans oppose anti-transgender 'bathroom bills'' & other Fri midday news briefs

A new poll says most Americans oppose 'bathroom bills.'

HUFFPOLLSTER: Most Americans Oppose Transgender Bathroom Laws - This poll gives the lgbt community hope AND a possible blueprint for what to do next. Find out what Americans dislike about these awful 'bathroom bills' and elevate that in the conversation. It would be no different than what the religious right did in the Prop 8 battle. The organization pushing for that awful law found that their arguments resonated with the public if they exploited the fear of children being harmed. They pushed that hard into the conversation and it was probably the most important factor in their unfortunate, but very short-lived win.

Robin Roberts Chokes Up After Segment on Gay Conversion Camps for Kids - Perfect reason why our community need to be represented more in the media. We bring a certain resonance to issues such as these.

 Tennessee lawmakers really want to make sure businesses can discriminate against LGBT people - Ew! What a @$#!

A Personal Take On The Health Care Battle - Because this issue about Obamacare affects us too.

How This Seattle Barbershop Is Giving LGBT Homeless Kids A Fresh Start - Wonderful story demonstrating how what may seem as a small thing means a lot for our kids.