Thursday, September 06, 2018

Key & Peele's advice on gay weddings

The following is just a little bit of comedy to get us through yet again. Comic duo Key & Peele featured an interesting video educating people about gay weddings.  And it's hilarious. While some folks may cry foul over the stereotypes, please bear in mind that the only thing that is being attacked here is ignorance. Plus, I kinda like the idea of "gay hymns" being performed at a gay wedding. But I will pass on the idea of a stripper preacher.

'Transgender boy reminds us all what we are fighting for' & other Thur midday news briefs

A trans boy left his neighbor a thank-you note that will give you the feels - A WONDERFUL story which underlines just how deep the fight for LGBTQ equality and self-determination runs. A transgender woman in Utah put the trans flag up at her home. She received an anonymous letter from a transgender boy thanking her. You can read the letter at the link. It's beautiful in its simplicity. It also serves as reminder that the things we do are being watched by our LGBTQ kids. Every time we stand up and refuse to be disrespected, we empower them and give them what they need. That's the one thing we need to remember - giving our kids hope, enthusiasm, role models, encouragement, and motivation. It doesn't have to be something spectacular, but as long as it's something positive.

India Supreme Court Overturns Colonial-Era Law Criminalizing Same-Sex Relationships - Just in case y'all didn't hear . . . 

India's Supreme Court Decriminalizes Homosexuality in a Historic Ruling for the LGBTQ Community - More on this tremendous event.

Ugandan minister fails to shut down festival ‘for celebrating gay people’ - Oh stop already. You simply can't stop joy, happiness, and progress. 

Pastor tells parents to shun their gay children to ‘show the love of Christ’ - See, this right is here is some high level bullshit.