Friday, April 10, 2015

'Gays are waging a 'jihad?' Who knew?' & other Friday midday news briefs

Ted Cruz: Gay Community Waging 'Jihad' Against Religious Freedom - We are? I failed to get that memo. Well that's ONE anti-gay Republican candidate for president . . . 

Santorum Says He'll Be A Strong Leader Because He Backed Gay Sex Bans - And when Santorum declares that he is running (cause you know he will), that will be TWO anti-gay Republican candidates for president.

 What The Religious Right Envisions As An Endgame After Losing The Fight Against LGBT Equality - And they will be two of the many reasons why the lgbt community and our allies can't start celebrating any victory. Regardless of how SCOTUS rules on marriage equality, the fight for total LGBT equality will be far from over.

 In SCOTUS brief, Idaho's GOP gov. claims marriage equality brings 'long-term harms to same-sex couples, their children, and society' - Speaking of which, here is another faulty SCOTUS brief just chock full of discredited junk by the folks who don't want marriage equality to become legal. 

 The absolute and abject humiliation of anti-gay activist Paul Cameron - a lesson for all anti-gay activists - Repeating this morning's post. Hopefully this will be the ultimate fate of many an anti-lgbt activist (or am I being too mean for wishing this?)  

Florida House Overwhelmingly Passes Religious ‘License To Discriminate’ Adoption Bill - And these folks aren't being the least bit shy as to why they passed this awful thing. Hopefully it will fail in the Senate.  

Obama applauds LGBT advocate during Jamaica speech - Go, President Obama!!

The absolute and abject humiliation of anti-gay activist Paul Cameron - a lesson for all anti-gay activists

In the 1980s, 90s, and even in the early years of this century, anti-gay activist Paul Cameron was the go-to guy for all sorts of anti-gay "research."

During that time, he was quoted in countless magazines, newspapers, and appeared on quite a few national programs such as Geraldo and Donahue. Even though organizations such as the Family Research Council and the American Family Association, probably knew that he had been discredited and exposed (by organizations such as the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association) for his faulty research techniques and wild generalizations about the lgbt community, they still cited his research  or distorted other research in order to justify his negative theories about the lgbt community.

But these days, things are different.Cameron's long record of shoddy work and lies against the lgbt community have made him somewhat of a pariah and a laughing stock.

While "true believers" such as Bryan Fischer, Peter LaBarbera, or Gordon Klingenschmitt have no problem with interviewing him or citing him by name, the more sophisticated anti-gay groups, such as the National Organization for Marriage, avoid him like the proverbial plague that he is.

Not that Cameron minds in any way, shape, or form. He still goes on whatever show will have him while pushing the same nauseatingly homophobic generalizations which made him popular over 30 years ago.

And based upon the above clip above, I mean any show. It is from January of this year on a radio  talk show called The Doghouse with host JV and Elvis.