Monday, September 09, 2019

Gaslighting by gay conservatives can't wipe away the homophobic slime from VP Pence's political career

In an act which really puts the "gas" into the word "gaslighting" conservatives are attempting to claim that VP Mike Pence is not homophobic. It's bad enough that this is happening, but as Media Matters for America points out, the fact that gay conservatives are participating in this fraud makes it worse:

Gregory T. Angelo is the former president of the Log Cabin Republicans and a vocal defender of Pence. And if an April article in The Daily Beast is to be believed, his defense of Pence is less about personal belief and more about personal desire for a career advancement in the Trump Administration:

“Log Cabin Republicans didn’t endorse Trump when [Angelo] was head of that organization, and now he’s trying to be relevant after a completely ineffective attempt at leading an organization to support LGBTQ issues and candidates,” a gay Republican former candidate for office told The Daily Beast. “With an administration, and a vice president, wanting to add some window-dressing of LGBTQ support while they advance policies that harm LGBTQ Americans, Gregory sees his chance to gain real access—for business or a job—not for making a difference in people’s lives. This is about him.”

It's rather sad, if you ask me. It's even sadder that the Log Cabin Republicans as a group has followed Angelo's lead via its unbelievable endorsement of Trump for the 2020 elections in spite of all of the chaos and hell his Administration has attempted to reap upon the LGBTQ community.

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