Friday, December 29, 2023

Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik says that George Floyd's murderer is a 'political prisoner.'

Can it be that aside from being a bloodcurdling homophobe, Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik is also a virulent racist? Based on her tweet below, what do you think?

Gee Chaya, maybe Chauvin being in prison has to do with the fact that he was found guilty of murdering George Floyd in 2020. Chauvin, a police officer at the time, kneeled on Floyd's neck for nine minutes while Floyd was handcuffed and laying face-down on the ground. He also ignored Floyd's cries that he couldn't breathe. It was a vicious case of police brutality, and the repercussions rocked the nation for months.

I'm sure Chaya is fully aware of this. But who knows? Maybe this is her way of pining for the days when white men freely lynched black people without any type of reprisal. I shudder to hear her thoughts about Emmett Till's murder.

Whatever the case may be, Chaya's tweet about Chauvin is yet another reminder to the African-American and LGBTQ community about our common enemies. Scratch a homophobic bigot hard enough and more often than not, you'll most likely find a racist. 

And vice versa.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

'GOP Congressman gives support to Uganda's 'Kill the Gays' bill' & other Thur afternoon news briefs

Michigan Rep Tim Walberg is facing a backlash after speaking in favor of Uganda's 'Kill The Gays' bill.

Republican Faces Backlash for Praising Plan to Kill Gay People​ -The simple fact that this story isn't getting more coverage says it all about how the media doesn't give a damn about LGBTQ people. I thought it was bad when they glossed over Trump's ill treatment of us. This is worse:

"Though the rest of the world is pushing back on you...though there are other major countries that are trying to get into you and ultimately change you, stand firm. Stand firm," (Michigan Rep Tim) Walberg said about Uganda's anti-homosexuality law while delivering a speech at Uganda's National Prayer Breakfast.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Citing 'parental rights,' federal judge temporarily blocks Idaho law banning gender-affirming care for trans kids

Here we go 'round the mulberry bush again.

 Another federal judge has temporarily blocked a bill banning gender-affirming care for trans kids just when it was about to become law. But this one is interesting. In blocking the bill, the judge cited 'parental rights, which is the argument used recently by conservatives to undermine LGBTQ rights and safety.

 From ABC News:

 A federal judge has preliminarily blocked an Idaho law banning gender-affirming healthcare treatments for transgender people under 18 years old. The law was set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2024, and would have made it a felony to provide such care. 

District Court Judge Lynn Winmill ruled Wednesday that the law’s restrictions violate the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause under the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 

 "Transgender children should receive equal treatment under the law," Winmill stated in his decision. "Parents should have the right to make the most fundamental decisions about how to care for their children." 

 He continued, "Time and again, these cases illustrate that the Fourteenth Amendment’s primary role is to protect disfavored minorities and preserve our fundamental rights from legislative overreach ... and it is no less true for transgender children and their parents in the 21st Century." 

 HB 71 was signed into law by Governor Brad Little in April. The law bans puberty blockers -- which allow children to explore their gender identity and pause the growth of permanent sex characteristics -- hormone therapies, as well as surgeries. Physicians interviewed by ABC News have said that surgeries on adolescents are rare and only considered on a case-by-case basis. The legislation provides an exception for children with "medically verifiable genetic disorder of sex development," also known as intersex.

 Any medical professional convicted of providing such care could be convicted of a felony and imprisoned in the state prison for up to 10 years, according to the law's text. 

 At least 20 states have implemented restrictions on access to gender-affirming care, many of which have faced legal challenges. The law in Arkansas, the first legislation of its kind in the U.S., was also ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Federal judge says DeSantis pushed false information to justify trans healthcare ban

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

A major situation took place before the Christmas holiday and it doesn't surprise any of us who've tracked the tactics of the anti-LGBTQ industry and their allies.

According to Trudy Ring from The Advocate on December 23:

A federal judge Thursday ripped into Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for spreading lies about gender-affirming care for transgender young people.

 U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle made the comments in court during closing arguments in the lawsuit challenging Florida’s ban on this treatment. DeSantis, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, has repeatedly said the ban has stopped the “mutilation” of young patients, but in reality, genital surgery is not generally performed on people under 18, and the effects of puberty blockers are reversible, while hormones’ effects are largely so. Under Florida's ban these treatments are banned for minors along with surgery.

 “When I’m analyzing the governor’s motivation, what should I make of these statements?” Hinkle asked the lawyer defending the ban, according to the Associated Press. “This seems to be more than just hyperbole.” 

 . . . Hinkle has blocked the law’s provisions affecting trans minors while he hears the suit, but he let the portions dealing with trans adults — banning their treatment by anyone other than a physician — go into effect because, he said, they would not be irreparably harmed. The law allows the treatments for young people who don’t wish to transition genders but have another condition necessitating them, such as early-onset puberty, injury to the genitals, or genital anomalies. 

 During the Thursday’s hearing, Hinkle raised the question of whether DeSantis’s support for the law and statements about it were politically motivated. “The governor just says, ‘I know it’s going to be in the headlines. I know it’s going to be popular. Let’s go for it,’” he said, according to the News Service of Florida. 

John Gallagher of LGBTQ Nation said the following:

Hinkle acknowledged that he can’t fully know what’s going on in DeSantis’ head. He wondered if the plaintiffs could prove DeSantis supported the law “because he hates transgender people.” The attorney for the families said that the law is unconstitutional as written, so DeSantis’ motives aren’t the deciding factor. 

 Hinkle said that he thinks the law isn’t about preventing mutilation but about preventing trans youth from getting health care. That’s a pretty strong signal that DeSantis is about to get handed a defeat by the court. 

 It’s also another sign that DeSantis built his campaign around a losing idea. He’s been betting heavily on using his anti-trans credentials to deliver a strong showing in the Iowa presidential caucus. Meantime, with Nikki Haley on the ascendant and DeSantis’ campaign in disarray, things are looking shaky for him in Iowa. All things considered, Ron may be sorry to see 2023 end, because 2024 may be a lot worse.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Franklin Graham commits 'sin of omission' while amplifying story of trans teen removed from her parents' home

Franklin Graham

There is a case brewing in Indiana regarding a trans teen and her parents and it may go before the Supreme Court.

Mary and Jeremy Cox are devout Christians who believe children should be raised based on their sex at birth, and the use of pronouns or names inconsistent with their biological sex is both immoral and harmful. But the Anderson couple clashed with their teenager, who is a transgender girl. The family's dispute that started with the Indiana Department of Child Services over care of the teen is now the focus of a case that could go before the U.S. Supreme Court.

 At issue, according to the Coxes' petition asking the court to take their case, is whether they have the right to raise their children how they see fit — and whether a court order keeping them from talking to their children about their beliefs on sex and gender violates their free speech rights.

 The case touches on some of the most controversial issues in Indiana, where conservative lawmakers have passed legislation targeting transgender rights, and LGBTQ+ advocates have turned to the courts to challenge some of those laws. The issue of parental rights has also gained political momentum, particularly among Republicans over the last few years, focusing on issues such as vaccination requirements, school curricula and gender-affirming care for transgender youth. 

 Naturally a case like this is going to get the anti-LGBTQ industry hopping. Certain conservatives are already amplifying the situation via their channels. 

Conservatives such as Franklin Graham:

In his tweet, Graham omitted a very crucial part of the story. The teen was removed because the conflict between she and her parents caused her to have an eating disorder.

At the heart of the case is the rift between the Coxes and the teenage child over gender identity — and an Indiana court's decision to remove her from her parents' custody partly because of a severe eating disorder that could get worse if she's returned home, where she felt unsafe, according to court records. 
"A disagreement between parents and a child is not a reason to remove a child from the home," the Indiana Court of Appeals said in its 2022 ruling that kept in place a Madison County judge's decision to remove the teen, identified in court records as A.C., from her parents' home. 
But the appeals court added: "This is an extreme case where Child has reacted to a disagreement with the Parents by developing an eating disorder and self-isolating, which seriously endangers Child's physical, emotional, and mental well-being."

Graham is obviously more interested in scoring points in his culture war than giving the complete story and demonstrating genuine concern, particularly to the trans teen caught in the middle.

Hat tip to Assigned Media.

'Here is what the LGBTQ community won in 2023' & other Tue midday news briefs

For LGBTQ+ Rights, 2023 Was a Year of Fighting. Here’s What We Won​ - And we are still here and standing. 

Monday, December 18, 2023

Conservative Scrooges gin up the hatred for First Lady Jill Biden's Christmas video

The right-wing ecosystem feeds off of hate and resentment so why should Christmas be any different for them than any other time of the year? 

Personally, I liked the video. However, the usual suspects used it as another opportunity to attack President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.

From Media Matters:

Right-wing media immediately began attacking the Biden White House’s Christmas celebration after First Lady Jill Biden posted a video to social media showing a tap dance company performing among the White House decorations in costumes meant to represent the holiday classic The Nutcracker. Many of the objections from conservatives seemingly criticized the inclusion of Black performers as evidence of “wokeness” or diversity, equity, and inclusion programs undermining holiday tradition, or claimed that the dance company itself is “anti-white.” 

These bizarre attacks follow more than a decade of “War on Christmas” coverage from right-wing media, which claimed that Democrats would ban observances of the holiday and wove together isolated Christmas anecdotes to stoke outrage that they often covered over much more newsworthy events, including actual wars. 

Certain comments included:

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller: “This is a crime against Christmas.” [Twitter/X, 12/14/23] 

 Newsmax host Eric Bolling said, “The Biden family has perverted just about every single one of our institutions. Christmas is inevitably on their list, too.” Bolling lamented that this interpretation of The Nutcracker is “garish, and replete with tasteless perversions,” calling it “avant-garde and beyond woke,” and saying: “Nothing is sacred. Nothing is normal.” [Newsmax, Eric Bolling The Balance, 12/14/23]

 . . . On Fox Business’ The Bottom Line, guest Monica Crowley attacked the Biden administration for choosing “a radical, left-wing, basically communist activist dance group to do this video for Christmas. …. Nothing screams ‘happy holidays’ like ‘defund the police.’” Co-host Dagen McDowell added, “We can assume, Monica, that Joe Biden and company agree with this group's platform. It has to be the reason they picked them.” [Fox Business, The Bottom Line with Dagen and Duffy, 12/14/23]


In all honesty, who are some of these folks to criticize any Christmas celebration for not being wholesome or being perverted. Bolling was fired from Fox News for sending unsolicited pictures of genitalia to several female co-workers and Crowley is probably still bitter because she didn't get a prime gig in the Trump Administration after it was discovered that she plagiarized a large number of passages for her Ph.D. dissertation. As for Miller, well he's so evil that he probably cried at the end of The Wizard of Oz because Dorothy successfully got home. Even members of his own family can't stand him.

None of these folks are exactly the type you'd want to invite over for holiday cheer. All they know how to do is rage farm, i.e. exploit the prejudices and grievances of supporters for engagement or social status.  

Amanda Marcotte of Salon magazine put it best.

Biden's haters dug up a statement of anti-racism from the troupe's leader, Michelle Dorrance, and held it out as some kind of gotcha. But they gotcha'd themselves, by dragging that subtext right into the daylight. Racism and homophobia are obviously what's fueling this tantrum. Getting outraged over an anti-racist statement is an unwitting admission of what they can't say out loud. (Well, most, anyway. There were a few MAGA types who flatly stated their objection: "This is gay as hell.") All the coded language about "weird" and "classless" and "smut" was just a thin veil over the real grievance: The people MAGA hates were up in the White House having a good time. 

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Anti-LGBTQ activist Christopher Rufo latest conservative done in by 'receipts'

Christopher Rufo

Conservative activist Christopher Rufo recently threatened legal action against the Southern Poverty Center for a report it put out about junk science used against the LGBTQ community. 

According to The Advocate:

The comprehensive study, “Combating Anti-LGBTQ+ Pseudoscience Through Accessible Informative Narratives,” or Project CAPTAIN, revealed during a press conference on Tuesday, details the concerted efforts of these groups to undermine LGBTQ+ rights through the manipulation of scientific realities, particularly when it comes to gender-affirming care and the health care needs for transgender people. R.G. Cravens, lead editor and author of the report, highlighted the alarming trend of using pseudoscience to target these groups. 

 “The gender-affirming care model… represents a global medical consensus. But the attempts to undermine it that we detail in this report are manufactured,” Cravens explained. “If the pseudoscience goes unchallenged… it has real life and often life-threatening consequences for trans and nonbinary people.” The report identifies over 60 groups, including familiar names like the Alliance Defending Freedom and lesser-known entities such as the Society for Evidence-based Gender Medicine. It uncovers the connections between these groups and their strategies to influence public policy and opinion. 

 “This report is pretty groundbreaking in how we’re able to look at these connections and help expose all of the groups that are at the center of this moral panic that we’re seeing,” Emerson Hodges, a research analyst at SPLC, said. “This report was ultimately designed to help provide details on pseudoscience and has become a tool to help us map out the far-right and their attempts to manipulate public opinion and advance anti-LGBT policies.” 
It is a good report which I encourage folks to read and share. Rufo voiced anger about it in a tweet Wednesday.

As seen by this tweet exchange, Rufo got support from conservative colleagues and various right-wing tweeters as he went through his Joan of Arc act. But Rufo is playing petty game of 'exact wording.' New York Times contributor Ben Ryan called it out:

And of course, I have to get a little piece of the action. 

In June of last year, I published a post revealing how Rufo encouraged supporters to claim that 'trans strippers' were coming into schools. The post included the following tweets.

While Rufo may not have called anyone a groomer, per se, he has more than once implied it. And when he agrees with the claim that he has never used groomer rhetoric, he is lying. As seen in the above examples, he has on more than one occasion dealt in false tropes and blatant mischaracterizations of LGBTQ culture to imply that we are 'grooming' kids. 

And just in case you missed it, here is another example:

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

' Massachusetts sues neo-nazis after they target Drag Queen Story Hours' & other Wed midday news briefs

Massachusetts Sues Neo-Nazis After They Target Drag Queen Story Hours​ - Good. Stick it to them.

Florida school board votes for Moms for Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler to resign - Don't get too happy. The vote is nonbinding. She doesn't have to resign if she doesn't want to. BUT it still doesn't look good for her. She has to face the public and her fellow board members at every meeting should she not resign. 

OutKick host says cyclist who defended trans competitors “is an absolute disgrace, and she has nothing to be proud of - Simply trashy attack. These people don't care about any athletes. It's all about fueling the outrage.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Conservatives angry because trans girl won an Irish dancing competition (I am not kidding)

Editor's note - Erin Reed is a trans journalist who has been covering legislative and public attacks on the trans community for some time now. I'd venture to say that her work is the best and I consider her as the go-to person for anyone needing to be educated about today's climate of transphobia and the basic bigotry it entails. I invite everyone to support her work. It's top notch.

An effective tactic of the anti-trans crowd is claiming that trans women hold an unfair advantage against cis women in athletic events. The claim relies on a combination of preconceived notions about male and female athletes, stereotypes about female trans athletes in general, and a concern by cis female athletes - and their parents - that they would be cheated out of wins and acclaim.

The tactic is so effective that transphobic folks are attempting to stretch it to fit any category. Even to the point of inanity

From Erin Reed:

On Dec. 3, a young transgender girl won her age category in the 2023 Southern Region Oireachtas Irish Dancing competition in Dallas, Texas. This means she will qualify to compete in the World Irish Dancing Competitions. For those who have been following transgender participation in other events, you can probably guess what happened next. Predictably, a slew of right-wing media articles dropped, claiming the 13-year-old girl had a “biological advantage” in competitive Irish dancing. Right-wing media personalities like Riley Gaines and major conservative outlets such as The Daily Wire and The Daily Signal decried her victory, claiming that she had a “biological advantage” in competitive Irish dancing. 

 Irish dancing is a style of dancing well suited for competition. It typically features quick and graceful foot movement combined with a rigid upper body. According to the Teelin School of Irish Dance, judges grade on things such as good timing, pointed toes, graceful and energetic movement, confidence, and pleasant affect. It is a competition where grace, poise, and technique matter. On that same note, supposed “natural advantages” of transgender competitors after transitioning do not appear to be relevant to participating. 

 . . .According to reports from the event, parents of girls who lost later discovered that the winner was transgender. These parents then reached out to conservative media outlets, claiming the transgender girl “cheated” by competing according to her gender identity. In an exclusive article from The Daily Signal, one parent expressed that the transgender girl's victory was so upsetting, it made her want to cry. Another adult competitor, who is also a legislative strategist for Conservative Women for America, Maggie McKneely, clearly outlined that a transitioning dancer would likely face disadvantages due to having to learn differences in the dance style, in an attempt to portray the girl’s participation as wrong. 

Erin pointed out how the various anti-trans activists, seeing an opportunity for a spotlight, all took their turn attacking the young girl. The links to their attacks can be pulled up via Erin's original article. She has them there for the sake of clarity. I refuse to allow those bullies to invade my space:

 Following the article’s publication, right wing conservatives took to twitter to attack the 13 year old girl. Riley Gaines, the swimmer who tied for 5th place with Lia Thomas and has used that event to lobby against transgender people in congress, stated that “a boy stole a qualifying spot for the upcoming World Championships in Irish dancing” and then urged people to sign a petition. Prisha Mosley, an anti-trans political detransitioner, thanked her for “bringing awareness and attention to these issues” and “the girls and families affected.” James Lindsay, who has been credited as one of the people responsible for the “groomer” slur towards LGBTQ+ people, said that “the trans menace in women’s sports is even showing up in Irish Dancing.” Colette Colfer, an anti-trans activist in Ireland, decried the girl’s participation and proclaimed, “Irish Dancing has fallen.” 

The trans girl is getting a lot of support, though. And that includes a petition which you can sign here.

'Conservatives blow up field trip misunderstanding into lawsuit against trans kids' & other Tue midday news briefs

CO: Conservative Parents Disrupted a Trans Girl’s Field Trip, But That Wasn’t Enough - Anatomy of a right-wing smear on trans children. As the article points out, the conservative ecosystem pushed up salacious inferences about sex and the possibility of sexual assault. What it may turn out to be was an innocent misunderstanding. However, thanks to conservative ecosystem and the anti-LGBTQ hate group the Alliance Defending Freedom, this has blown up into an ugly and needless lawsuit. This article points out how certain entities omitted a key part of the story (which was given by an area television news station): 

 In a statement to Crisis in the Classroom (CITC), JCPS (Jefferson County Public Schools) said "student safety is paramount and partnership with families is a priority." The district noted it is "still determining facts" as it was only "recently informed" of what allegedly occurred during the trip. "However, it appears that the student’s transgender status was not known when room assignments were made and our understanding is that as soon as their transgender identity was known, room assignments were adjusted," JCPS told CITC.

 Basically, this situation didn't warrant the controversy it is receiving except for how some people are salivating to use it against trans people, especially trans children. 

State Economies Suffer When Lawmakers Pass Anti-LGBTQ+, Anti-Abortion Laws: Study - If they are willing to pass these awful bills, then they should be willing to pay the price.

Monday, December 11, 2023

SCOTUS refuses to hear case challenging 'ex-gay therapy' ban. Alito and Thomas continue hostility against LGBTQ community with disagreement.

From Ian Millhiser of Vox:

In an unexpected move, the Supreme Court announced on Monday that it will not hear a lawsuit challenging Washington state’s restrictions on an anti-LGBTQ practice known as “conversion therapy” — meaning that the restrictions will remain in place. Conversion therapy is a discredited method of counseling that attempts to turn LGBTQ patients into cisgender heterosexuals — or, at least, to prevent them from expressing their actual sexual orientation or gender identity. 

As a federal appeals court that upheld the restrictions explained in its opinion, “every major medical, psychiatric, psychological, and professional mental health organization opposes the use of conversion therapy.” Because the justices decided not to hear this case, known as Tingley v. Ferguson, and because the appeals court upheld Washington’s law, the state’s limited ban on conversion therapy remains in effect for now.

 But before anyone celebrates, Millhiser points out that SCOTUS may hear a case challenging an 'ex-gay therapy' ban in the future. And should that time come, we already know where two justices stand. And it shouldn't surprise anyone.

From Business Insider:

In written opinions, Justices Alito and Thomas both suggested the ban violated the First Amendment. Conservative Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas both suggested that laws in dozens of states banning conversion therapy could violate the First Amendment. The Supreme Court published the two justices' opinions on Monday in connection to the high court officially denying a petition to adjudicate the Tingley v. Ferguson case regarding the state of Washington's ban on conversion therapy on minors, SB 5722.

 In his opinion, Thomas noted he would've agreed to hear the case as "this question has divided the Courts of Appeals and strikes at the heart of the First Amendment." "Under SB 5722, licensed counselors cannot voice anything other than the state-approved opinion on minors with gender dysphoria without facing punishment," he wrote. "The Ninth Circuit set a troubling precedent by condoning this regime." 

 In a separately published opinion, Alito concurred with Thomas about how conversion therapy bans encroach on the First Amendment. "It is beyond dispute that these laws restrict speech, and all restrictions on speech merit careful scrutiny," Alito wrote.

Thursday, December 07, 2023

Video - GOP Debate Recap - a hot mess in 1:51 minutes

 The above video features the Wednesday's GOP debate. The video is only 1:51 minutes but that's about all I could take. To put it lightly, it was an abysmal exercise of transphobia, homophobia, conspiracy theories, bigotry all combined in a nauseous mixture. And Donald Trump wasn't even there.  For those whining about Joe Biden, take a good look at the opposition: four of Snow White's seven dwarfs - Awkward (DeSantis), Posturing (Haley), Bullying (Ramaswamy), and Grumpy (Christie). Even if Biden was as old as Methuselah, I'd still vote for him over these clowns and that INCLUDES the absent Donald Trump or as I hope his name will be as the fifth dwarf, Jailbird

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Why Moms for Liberty is a hate group - GLAAD breaks out the 'receipts'


When we call out Moms for Liberty for denigrating LGBTQ people and various other vile acts, it's vital that we have the specifics. In today's vernacular, those specifics are known as 'receipts.' Luckily for those wanting to those 'receipts,' GLAAD has published a detailed invoicing of the many ways Moms for Liberty has attacked, lied about, and basically stigmatized our community.

Among other things, Moms for Liberty members and supporters have called for LGBTQ students to be put in separate classes, have spread lies about LGBTQ books,  blamed the trans community for a school shooting, have called for violence against librarians and trans teachers, have been arrested for harassment, smeared school board members who oppose them as pedophiles, and filed a false charge of child abuse against a school board member and then shouted “Be careful, your mommy hurts little kids,” at her five-year-old child. And that barely scratches the surface.

Moms For Liberty (M4L) was founded in January 2021 claiming it will “organize, educate and empower parents to defend their parental rights.” This advocacy has included calls for book bans, classroom censorship, and bans on teaching about slavery, race, racism and LGBTQ people and history. Moms for Liberty bills itself as a “grassroots organization of moms,” but its founders and founding chapter have strong ties to high-ranking elected officials and financial support from national anti-LGBTQ groups including the Heritage Foundation. 
 —Spreads inaccurate and inflammatory claims about LGBTQ books, including the memoir of Black and queer author George M. Johnson All Boys Aren’t Blue, for so-called “racially charged commentary” and “alternate gender ideologies” as well as sexually explicit passages, alcohol and drug use, and profanity. Johnson’s book was named a 2020 Best Book of the Year by Amazon, the New York and Chicago public libraries and Kirkus Reviews.

 —Crystal Alonso, member of Moms for Liberty, Miami-Dade County, FL, says LGBTQ students should be separated into their own special class: “The kids that do have their, you know, they’re confused, or they are gay or whatnot that the way they’re trying to go about it is to make it an open conversation and an open thing in classrooms … But like for example children with autism, Down Syndrome… they have to be put into separate classrooms. I understand, because it’s a different type of education for children with those disabilities, but I think that for children that identify differently, there should also be like a specialized … something for them, so that they feel that they’re important enough that they’re being counseled…I think for the same reason why teachers wouldn’t just bring a child with autism in front of the class and be like, hey, he’s got autism. Embarrassment …” 

 —School board member details how Moms for Liberty targeted county guidelines to protect students’ right to dress and use bathrooms according to the gender they identify with, falsely calling school board members “pedophiles.”

 —Supporters including Florida state representative Randy Fine posted a school board member’s cell phone number on Facebook. A school board member who defeated one of the founders of Moms for Liberty says opponents filed a false claim of child abuse against her, and protestors shouted at her five year old child outside her home. 

 —Eulalia Jimenez, chair of Moms for Liberty, Miami Chapter, spread disinformation about a shooting massacre falsely identifying the Uvalde, TX, elementary school shooter who killed 19 children and two adults, as a trans woman.

  —Lied to the parents of a young person that the Rainbow Youth Project, an organization promoting the health, safety, and wellness of LGBTQ youth, was trying to “convince [their child] to have his private parts removed and changed.”

 —The chairperson of the Monroe County, PA, chapter was arrested on a “summary charge of harassment” after allegedly repeatedly harassing an individual with messages.

 —The head of communications of the Lonoke County, AR, chapter threatened gun violence against librarians

.Ed Kelley, a Moms for Liberty-affiliated Charleston County School Board (SC) member, attended a Moms for Liberty meeting and publicly stated that he would bring a gun to the home of his child’s teacher if the teacher came out as trans.

Sounds like a hate group to me.

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Moms for Liberty try to distance themselves from sex scandal but social media won't let them

Based on tweets like this, Moms for Liberty won't be able to distance themselves from the Ziegler sex scandal any time soon.

The scandal involving Moms for Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler and her husband, Florida GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler continues while Moms for Liberty leaders try to distance themselves from the once conservative power couple:

From the Sarasota Herald-Tribune:

In a statement sent Tuesday, Moms for Liberty's co-founders distanced themselves from Bridget Ziegler, another of the organization's co-founders and current Sarasota County School Board member, following accusations of sexual assault against her husband, Christian Ziegler, by a woman with whom he and Bridget had a three-way sexual relationship. 

 Former Brevard County School Board member Tina Descovich and former Indian River County School Board member Tiffany Justice, together with Bridget Ziegler, founded Moms for Liberty in January 2021. Moms for Liberty is now a conservative education activist group with more than 120,000 members and almost 300 chapters across 44 states. 

 Descovich and Justice issued a joint statement Wednesday afternoon reiterating that Bridget Ziegler had resigned from the organization within the same month of its incorporation. The statement came as several local activist groups prepare to rally at an upcoming Sarasota School Board meeting on Dec. 12 to call for Bridget Ziegler's resignation.   . . . The statement emphasized the nature of the allegations against Christian Ziegler and said any allegation of sexual assault should be taken seriously and fully investigated. 

 Despite leaving Moms for Liberty, Bridget Ziegler has defended the group. However, she is not listed as one of the founders on the Moms for Liberty website. Christian Ziegler, while not directly professionally involved with Moms for Liberty, spoke at the organization's national summit in Philadelphia last summer, advising in a media training session for participants to "Never apologize. Ever."

Whiles Moms for Liberty leaders are trying to distance themselves from the Zieglers, many on Twitter are not letting them off so easily. It's relatively easy to be amused by these tweets, but we shouldn't forget two things.

1. At the heart of all of this is an allegation of rape. There is a woman who didn't ask for any of this and now her life has been turned upside down.

2. It's easy to claim that the tweets below are cruel because they are. But we shouldn't forget the nuance of their so-called cruelty. They were merely reactions to Mothers For Liberty's attacks and scapegoating of books and the LGBTQ community. Moms for Liberty will no doubt play the victim while wanting you to forget the reasons why they are considered a hate group. Don't do it. (this link from GLAAD details the different ways Moms for Liberty have denigrated LGBTQ people.) The tweets below, no matter how rude they seem to be, are a symptom of the ill will Moms for Liberty has created for themselves.  People tend to rejoice when bullies fall on their faces.

'Tucker Carlson producer sued for allegedly sexually assaulting gay man' & other Tue midday news briefs

Justin Wells

Tucker Carlson Producer Sued for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Gay Man - And allegedly, Fox News knew about it. 

This article posted last year by Michelangelo Signorile talks all about the producer. Not saying he is guilty of the charge, but he still isn't a very nice guy - The powerful gay man behind Tucker Carlson's bloodcurdling hate 

Monday, December 04, 2023

When you want the Bible to be taught in schools AND banned from schools

Couple wants Bible to be taught in schools AND banned from schools.

The point of this post is not to make fun of the folks interviewed in the clip below. The point is merely to show how book banners rely on shock tactics (such as showing graphic pictures and reading graphic passages from book) to trigger emotion.  As seen here, that tactic work can work with any book. 

(Hat tip to the Good Liars, who conducted the interview)