Thursday, March 19, 2020

Family Research Council gives Trump tone deaf praise for his handling of coronavirus outbreak

Fox News and Donald Trump are rightfully blamed for their actions during this coronavirus outbreak as these two videos show:

But there is a third party which deserves at least some blame for where we are now - conservative evangelical groups. During this crisis, a lot of them -  folks and groups who have defended Trump in spite of every lie, insult, and episode of bad behavior or awful leadership - having been laying low.

Conservative evangelical claims coronavirus is God's punishment for marriage equality and abortion

In spite of his stunning incompetence in dealing with coronavirus outbreak, Trump hasn't lost the support of the most loyal members of his base - white conservative evangelicals. 

According to The Huffington Post:

About 7 in 10 white evangelical Christians approve of the way Trump is handling issues related to the coronavirus outbreak, including 52% who strongly approve of his performance, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll conducted over the weekend. In contrast, only 45% of all American adults surveyed said they strongly or somewhat approve of how Trump is handling the outbreak. Seventy percent of white evangelicals also approve of the way the U.S. government is managing the outbreak. Only 47% of all respondents surveyed said the same. The data suggests that the president’s most loyal religious supporters are standing by their man despite reports of infighting and indecision at the White House as the pandemic unfolded.

It's all about rationalization with these people. They can always point the finger at someone else, such as the media. Or, like this guy in the above video, can blame abortion and marriage equality.

From Right Wing Watch:

When right-wing pastor Perry Stone held a prayer service at his church in Cleveland, Tennessee, earlier this week, he declared that the current COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in America is a “reckoning” brought on by the nation’s rejection of God and its embrace of reproductive rights and marriage equality.

Why is there a reckoning?” he asked. “Because we have by law forced God out of our country and basically told him, ‘In public places, you’re not welcome.’ You’re not welcomed in our schools, so our schools are now shut down. No prayer in public school, no Bible reading in public school. Now they’re telling kids to stay home for who knows how long, so our schools are shut down.” 
 “Then we have said to God, ‘The infants that you put in our wombs, we don’t respect them, we don’t want them, we will get them out of our bellies through abortion,'” Stone continued. “If you watch the women who are pro-choice, the majority of them have a spirit about them where there is no love.” 
“The Bible talks about going after ‘strange flesh,'” Stone added, as he recounted the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah. “There is a reckoning because the courts of the land passed a law to take an infant’s life, that it was OK, and for marriage as we have known it to be changed into something we have never known. Both of their laws, biblically in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, are what God calls an abomination. And the Bible teaches us that God is long-suffering, he is not willing that any perish, he wants everyone to come to repentance, but there will be a time when the Lord says, ‘Enough is enough.'” "

Yesterday it was hate group the Family Research Council speaking against a coronavirus relief bill because of the possibility that it could help same-sex couples. Today is this fool with the tired nonsense which we have heard before about God punishing the world for abortion and marriage equality.

It's a rather cold comfort to know that regardless of how dire any situation can get, we can always count on certain people to be the self-righteous, homophobic braying jackasses we always knew they were.