Friday, May 06, 2016

'Tacky lawsuit attempts to attack transgender child' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Transgender children should have the same rights as all children.

Lawsuit Claims A Transgender Girl Is Ruining Her Classmates’ Lives By Peeing - Oh good grief. Read Zack Ford's article on ThinkProgress. This lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to shift the narrative. Apparently us talking about the entire transgender community, especially the children is causing the other side to panic. So they are throwing all sorts of junk at the wall to make it seem that treating transgender children fairly will endanger other children. Expect Breibart, The Daily Signal, and the rest to conveniently give this mess one-sided play.

Here's What Some Black LGBTQ People Are Doing to Survive in the Age of HIV - With the grace and dignity of a people who are unfortunately sometimes ignored.  

A Comprehensive Guide To The Debunked “Bathroom Predator” Myth - Again and again and again. Until we get folks to know these facts by heart.  

What Is The “Vito Russo Test” And Why Does It Matter To LGBT Film? - Vito Russo was a legend and my inspiration for the "Know Your LGBT History" series of posts on this blog.  

Franklin Graham: Proposed Stonewall Monument Will Be 'A Monument To Sin' - This what I wrote on Graham's facebook page: 

"Sorry Frankie and folks, but neither this country NOR our national monuments have to go you all for approval. You run nothing, you control nothing. No one is asking you to attend or visit the Stonewall monument. Know your place and stay in your lane."

'Meet My Child' - Parents of transgender children speak out: Trans United Fund

Not just Ted Cruz, but all of those in general who disrespect transgender people, meet and listen to the mothers of the children you are harming with your rhetoric:

Video courtesy of the Trans United Fund.