Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Y'all, the straight folks are jealous about LGBTQ Pride (again)

With LGBTQ Pride Month comes the usual nonsense from some heterosexuals whining about why LGBTQ Pride isn't necessary or why there needs to be a "Straight Pride." This year is no different because some fool has planned a Straight Pride in Boston. Of course it's worth mentioning that, according to Bilerico, the organizer is connected with an anti-Semitic, white supremacist group.


However, instead of making a droll joke (such as saying how straight pride parades will be dull because the floats will be flaccid and collapse within two minutes) or an astute observation (about how people wanting a straight pride parade is like a person with a big bag of money getting jealous at his neighbor for having a $20), I will feature this video below via my friend Matt Baume. Of course it probably won't change any minds of those who resent LGBTQ Pride, but who cares what they think. A reminder about how far the LGBTQ community and we have accomplished is always a good thing.

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