Wednesday, July 06, 2011

NOM pushing junk science about gays, cigar smoking

It appears that the loss in New York has affected the National Organization for Marriage intensely.

Is it just me or is the organization seemingly more vindictive on its blog. Yesterday, it took a cheap shot at NY governor Andrew Cuomo's mother. And today comes this bit:

From a Catholic Culture summary:
In a powerful editorial for The Anchor, the official newspaper for the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts, Father Roger Landry calls attention to the pastoral damage done by priests who refuse to convey the Church’s teaching on human sexuality, fearful of opposition from gay-rights activists.

A sample:

If doctors and nurses at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute were aware that a patient was chain-smoking cigars and out of a desire not to displease him said nothing, they would be guilty of unconscionable neglect. If the patient was flaunting his cigar-smoking and attempting to persuade others that, rather than harmful, cigar-smoking was a great practice deserving of celebration instead of censure, the destructive consequences of their reticence would be magnified. Similarly, pastors and parishes who are aware that parishioners are unabashedly engaging in practices contrary to the practice of the faith and who do not strive, with patient, tender and firm preaching and accompaniment, to help them eliminate whatever in them is leading them to sin, are culpable of the worst type of pastoral malpractice.

You mean NOM is citing the work of a Catholic priest after all of the rumors and speculation involving the Catholic church in NOM's activities? I'm shocked, really I am.

But that part about cigar smoking is nothing new. NOM and its affiliate organizations in New York encouraged supporters to make the same sort of claims in letters to the editor.

The idea of comparing homosexuality to cigar smoking is rooted in junk science. The first person who made this comparison (even though he was talking about cigarettes) was Paul Cameron, the infamous discredited researcher who, amongst other things, was either dismissed or censured by several medical professional groups.

What's next, NOM? Citing Cameron's work on gay men and gerbils?

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Bachmann endorsed 'ex-gay' group and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Bachmann Endorsed ‘Ex-Gay’ Group In 2004, Said They ‘Will Present The Truth About Homosexuality’ - Surely Bachmann had to know that this would come up when she decided to run for president, as well questions about her husband's sexuality. That's the weirdest thing about ambition. It will blind to you to the presence of fully loaded freight train headed in your direction.

Why is NOM so into hiding Thomas Peters' role? - NOM caught hiding allegiances again.

Brenda 'Sue' Fulton, Openly Gay Veteran, Named To West Point Advisory Board - Not a bad achievement at all!

California lawmakers pass bill to teach gay history
- Good for California! It's something which is needed nationwide.

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Introducing The NOM Files

Brian Brown of NOM
The National Organization for Marriage thinks of itself as the preeminent organization to stop marriage equality.

However under its so-called Christian exterior is a vast forest of secrets, lies and blatantly dirty tactics.

NOM has quickly become a controversial group not only because its anti-marriage equality zeal, but also because of the lengths it has gone to in hiding its donors from public view.

Unfortunately a lot of folks, particularly folks in the gay community, aren't aware of this group. There are various resources out there about NOM if one took the time to search for them.

However, wouldn't it be nice if there was a place where one could find information regarding all of NOM's underhanded tactics (particularly inferring that gays want to either recruit or confuse children through marriage equality), chronicles its attempts to hide its donors, and provides resources to other sites and folks fighting NOM?

That's what I hope to accomplish with the NOM Files.

The NOM Files is a new facebook group dedicated to shedding a light on NOM's activities. Every distortion of the group will be trotted out, every lie will be remembered, and every time NOM tries to hide its donors, it will be given front page coverage.

The rules for The NOM Files are simple. Anyone can join and anyone can post. But I reserve the right to edit posts - which I will only do if the posts don't fit the mission of the facebook group.

NOM has a lot to answer for. But until the lgbtq community and our allies make it a point to demand these answers, then we're aren't going to get them.

Click here to join.

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