Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters nominated sixth time for 'Outstanding Blog' GLAAD Media Award

Pardon me for taking time out to brag. It's rare but what's life without a little patting on your own back every now and then.

On Wednesday, the 34th annual GLAAD Media Award nominations were announced and (drumroll please), Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters received its sixth nomination for 'Outstanding Blog.' In 2017 I was blessed to have won in the category, but I consider this particular nomination to be extra special. Last year was awful, culminating with the passing of my beloved mother, Nancy Lee Riley. I want to dedicate this particular nomination to her as well as pay tribute to my fellow nominees in the category as well as all of the other nominees and special award recipients. We work hard doing what we do.

In my particular case, I have worked diligently and endlessly since 2006 to call out the anti-LGBTQ industry and the lies and dishonest tactics they use to undermine LGBTQ rights, health, and safety. To the right of this post are various articles I've published over the years detailing their dishonesty as it pertains to our health, our families, our kids, and our basic rights to self-determination.

And the tactics have shifted tremendously. They are now openly declaring war on the trans community and the falsehoods, cherry-picked studies, and questionable anecdotes used against gays in the past have been adapted to stigmatize trans men, women, and children. But don't think they are leaving the rest of us out. They are still using the "gays recruit" children" angle but have skillfully adapted it to attack drag queens.

Nor do they say "gays recruit." They now say "gays groom kids."

 The evil doesn't change. Just the manner in which they present it. The packaging may be different but underneath, it's the same old lies and hate. The same old bigotry. And lies in the name of God are STILL lies.

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