Thursday, August 27, 2009

And now more fun bits from the National Organization for Marriage

Maybe I'm the last one to post this video (which means you probably have seen it already) but I think it's funny and factual.

The only thing it's missing is the "Gathering Storm" ad.

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'Bash Back' hurts the lgbt community (again), Ex-gay group threatens legal action, and other Thursday midday news briefs

Audio: Right-wing extremist continues to help our cause - Yes, Jeremy. I am paying attention. I just hope that others are.

Ex-Gay Group Threatens Legal Action To Keep Secrets Hidden - I wonder what they are hiding.

Bash Back "Queer Anarchist" Busted For Smashing Denver Democratic Offices - Way to be counterproductive you idiots! Count on this being a front pager on One News Now, Americans for Truth and other various religious right sites and blogs (who, I might point out have been silent on the Arizona "Christian pastor" saying that gays should be killed.)

Group that opposes gay marriage now targeting Iowa - I said it once and I will say it again. Just who is funding the National Organization for Marriage?

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