Monday, October 18, 2021

Supporter of homophobic NC Lt Gov Mark Robinson once said gays wear diapers because they stuff bats and cellphones up their rectums

NC Lt Gov Mark Robinson's homophobia is attracting odd defenders.

Homophobia is everywhere and it's amazing how many idiots in American society will attempt and succeed to transform bigots into noble people. Take North Carolina Lt Governor Mark Robinson.

Robinson has been in a controversy recently for a bunch of ugly comments he has made about the LGBTQ community by making it seem that we are attempting to 'recruit' children via books. He has pegged these books as "borderline pornography." He is also playing the media like a harp by attempting to look like he is being besieged because supposedly he is attempting to protect children from filth in classrooms. Of course some members of the media are unconsciously playing along with his narrative by running headlines and articles detailing how Robinson refuses to apologize or resign for his comments, as if he is some type of lone hero fighting an evil menace.

Luckily for us, egotistical types like Robinson don't know when to let go. They mistake notoriety for fame and continue to talk, thereby making themselves look less heroic and more stridently annoying. Robinson seems to be entering that phase about now.

An added advantage is when certain others weigh in during such controversies seeking to get their bit in the spotlight.  In this particular case, there are some coming in to defend Robinson. One is anti-LGBTQ hate group the Family Research Council, which should surprise no one. Dehumanizing LGBTQ people is a massive part of its brand and usually my blog post would talk about them.

However in this case, a more interesting party has decided to defend Robinson and this person makes an excellent point about the vulgarity of Robinson's position. 

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