Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meet the people who scare the religious right

When people like Rick Santorum, Ann Coulter, and Maggie Gallagher or groups like the National Organization for Marriage claim that being black and gay isn't the same or falsely claim that the gay community is trying to piggyback on the struggles of the black community, just remember the people in the following videos.

They are the people who Santorum, Coulter, and Gallagher don't want you to see.

These are the people who NOM doesn't want you to see. To the homophobic race-baiters seeking to divide and conquer both communities, they are most dangerous people in the world:

Editor's note - I am aware of the unfortunate fact that the African-American transgender community is not represented with a video montage. Unfortunately I could not find one. So what does that tell us? We may be closer to where we want to be but we still have miles to go in order to get there.

If there is a video out there, please send it to me and I will feature it on my blog.

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