Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Will the Nov midterms also see a 'rainbow wave' of elected officials?

The LGBTQ community can make huge steps forward in the upcoming midterm elections.

Some people are predicting a "blue wave" in the November midterms, i.e. the idea that the Democratic party will benefit greatly from Trump's many missteps and get control of the House of Representatives and maybe the Senate.

I say folks should concentrate on making this happen instead of predicting. There is so much at stake. And now it's looking like the LGBTQ community could be a huge part of that.

According to the Democratic National Committee, there are more LGBTQ candidates running for office in November than ever before and all under the Democratic banner. There will be:

11 LGBTQ people for statewide office This includes 4 for governor (CO, OR, TX and VT), each of whom represents a different segment of the LGBTQ community.

13 LGBTQ people for federal office in both houses of Congress

All in all, LGBTQ folks are running for office in 23 states as diverse as:

'LGBTQ candidates win big in primaries, four will be running in gubernatorial races' & other Wed midday news briefs

Will Christine Hallquist be the first transgender American to become a governor?

LGBTQ candidates are on the ballot nationwide for governor in 2018 - The LGBTQ community were the big winners in last night primary races:

 The LGBT Democratic candidates who have won their primaries for governor include: 
 Lupe Valdez, a lesbian woman running in Texas. 
 Jared Polis, a gay man running in Colorado.
 Kate Brown, a bisexual woman who's the incumbent governor of Oregon. 
 Christine Hallquist, a transgender woman running in Vermont.


Progressive Christine Hallquist becomes 1st transgender gubernatorial nominee for major party

First Openly LGBTQ U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin to Face Anti-LGBTQ Challenger Leah Vukmir in U.S. Senate Race - It's going to be a nasty shootout in Wisconsin because the GOP is thirsty for this seat. 

 Fox & Friends host refers to Christine Hallquist, history-making gubernatorial candidate, as "that transgender" - A view from the other side . . . 

 which is why I'm going to have like the stereotypical bitchy queen here. All of this "history being made" is nice but it's better that we celebrate after it's all over. We still have a long way to go before the actual mid-term elections and fighting the mess Trump is making in our community in general. In other words, it means more to be in the winner's circle or closer to our goals then celebrating because we are only halfway there. 

In other news:

Masterpiece Cakeshop owner sues after refusing to make a birthday cake for a trans woman - Look who is in the courts again. And HE is the one suing. Although I doubt he will be successful this time.

Wave of support for transgender 12-year-old who parents threatened to castrate - The fact that some people felt the need to threaten a 12-year-old child in the first place is a damn shame.