Friday, July 10, 2015

'Anti-gay Oregon bakery was not fined for cake, but sharing lesbian couple's personal info' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Save your fake tears, Melissa Klein. We now know why your bakery was fined.

Oregon bakers weren’t fined over cake — they were punished for sharing lesbian couple’s home address - I don't care how many times this story has been listed, I don't care how many times folks have read this story, and I don't care how tired folks are of hearing about it. THIS component NEEDS to go viral. That bakery in Oregon which got into trouble for not serving a gay couple and ended up having to pay a $135,000 have been liars from the start. They whine about their religious liberty and accuse the lgbt community of being "intolerant." It turns out they were fined BECAUSE they shared the lesbian couple's personal information, causing the couple to receive a multitude of threats and nearly causing their foster children to be taken away. Now when the Family Research Council, Todd Starnes, and various other anti-gay groups and personalities repeat this story, they won't mention this fact. When the couple who owns the bakery makes their speech at FRC's "Values Voters" Summit, they aren't going to mention that detail. We need to drill this truth into people's heads so that they know how much of a lie this entire crying towel story was. 

The Newest Argument For Wedding Cake Discrimination - Because you can BET the anti-gay right is attempting to twist this situation again.  

Mike Huckabee: US Now Worse Than Sodom And Gomorrah Because Of Marriage Equality - The poor anti-gay right continues the conjecture and hyperbole to no avail. 

Governor Tells a Kentucky County Clerk to Start Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses or Resign - BECAUSE it's their freaking jobs to do it!  

Right-Wing Pastors: Expect 'Gunfire' And Rebellion Due To Gay Marriage Ruling - The only thing I've heard are words from overpaid, self-righteous so-and-so's who are too cowardly to start something themselves so they are attempting to bamboozle others into doing it.

Anti-gay right's attack on SCOTUS are dangerous

The one thing which bothers me greatly throughout the entire right-wing freakout over the marriage equality decision is the disrespect of SCOTUS. Take Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel, for example:

We should not pretend that it is the rule of law, we should not act like it's the rule of law," he counsels. "We do need to protect religious freedom – but in the process we cannot accept this ruling as a legitimate ruling as the rule of law. It is not; it is not based on the Constitution – and if it's not based on the Constitution, it's just their opinion."

I'm sure his words will come back to haunt him, should Staver ever find himself arguing a case in front of SCOTUS.

Their rulings are not merely opinion.  SCOTUS is the body which makes sure our laws are in accordance to the Constitution. And their rulings, like it or not, are legitimate dictates which we must follow. I haven't liked some rulings but I have never referred to the justices as "black robed tyrants" or "unelected judges." 

Such rhetoric is not only disrespectful but dangerous to the integrity of the court and future of this country.  Staver and the rest who are attacking SCOTUS for their marriage equality ruling should think upon their words. If they are urging resistance against a ruling which they don't like, what are they to do if people on the other side of the spectrum urges resistance against a ruling they would like in the future?