Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Evangelical Tony Perkins whines about 'biblical worldviews' while hoping we forget how he spent four years kissing up to an orange devil

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (left) whines 'biblical worldviews' while hoping American forgets how he and his group spent four year kissing up to an orange devil.

Say what you will about the Family Research Council (I have and I will continue to do so), you have to be amazed as to how obliviously brazen they and their president, Tony Perkins are. I received a fundraising email from the group today. I will spare you the entire spiel and go straight to the most amusing part:

A recent post-election survey by renown Christian pollster, Dr. George Barna, revealed troubling numbers. His polling found that the majority of those who voted for President Joe Biden were less likely to have a biblical worldview. And 75 percent of the president's base thinks there is no absolute moral truth. Barna responded to the findings, saying, "The more the United States puts distance between itself and its moral and spiritual moorings, the less likely we are to have an effective, vibrant government and a healthy and vibrant way of life."

 . . . Just when Christian parents think their children might be safe from aggressive ideological indoctrination, they find it creeping into purportedly Bible-believing colleges. So how do we advance a biblical vision for human flourishing in a culture that appears to be on a downward spiral from its Christian heritage? We start with the Word of God! We can't stand for biblical truth if we don't know what it is. It's critical to understand what the Bible says and how to stand upon it.

Well this is lovely of FRC. A return to its usual scare tactics and lies about how America is becoming a dangerous place for Christians where "the left" are constantly indoctrinating children and plotting to replace God . . . or something like that. I'm not even going to ask what is the definition of a "biblical worldview" because it don't matter. Soon, supporters of FRC and right-wing evangelicals will be repeating the phrase until it's drilled into our heads.

What interests me is where were all these mentions of God and ecclesiastical references for four years when FRC had probably the most power it has ever had under former president Donald Trump. Or have I answer my own question?

You do remember Donald Trump, don't you? He is the lying, sniveling, worthless shithead who wreaked havoc on America for four years, not to mention caused the deaths of over 500,000 Americans via his incompetence in preparing to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

He's also the same guy which FRC gave a "mulligan" - free pass - for past his bad behavior because, according to Perkins, evangelicals supposedly got kicked around by the Obama Administration and wanted a fighter who would "punch the bully." And apparently that "mulligan" carried over to Trump's present and future bad behavior while he sat in the Oval Office.

Now I'm confused. I thought Perkins and company were Christians, which would mean they already had their side covered by God and Jesus. Why would they have to rely on a lying, sniveling, worthless shithead if they had God on their side?

Forget it, Perkins. All of this concern about "biblical values" mean nothing to those of us who saw you liplocking with an orange devil for four years. We can still smell the sulfur on your breath.

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