Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rachel Maddow, Kevin Jennings, and Uganda: what a wild week it was

What a wild week it was punctuated by the above clip of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow just totally eviscerating 'ex-gay' author Richard Cohen for his link to that Ugandan anti-gay bill.

And then there were other incidents of note:

Annise Parker becomes first openly lesbian mayor of major American city

Lesbians in South Africa getting raped as a corrective measure? What the hell? - Check out this post even if you have already seen it. I've added a clip I found from youtube in which some men in South Africa are interviewed about this issue. What they say will leave you speechless with anger.

Answer to Donnie McClurkin: Black & Gay is Beautiful - You damned right it is

And then there are the two big issues which took up a lot of attention this week: the "Jennings County War" and Uganda.

Kevin Jennings - it was an ugly week as the right didn't just try to slime Obama appointee Kevin Jennings. They tried to coat him with smelly motor oil from the inside and out.

It wasn't just the frequency of their attacks, but the grotesque lunancy of some of their charges which made reasonable folks (i.e. those in the media excepting Sean Hannity - but we all know about his "allegiance" to accuracy) totally ignore them:

Right-wing plan against Kevin Jennings: Tell a lie, let it get refuted, wait a while, repeat lie again 

When fisting and oral sex are the same: The latest smear against Kevin Jennings

While they lie about Kevin Jennings, Michelle Malkin attacks GLSEN's funders

Right-wing site removes post calling Kevin Jennings a pedophile

Latest smear against Kevin Jennings revists familiar lie - 'Little Black Book'

Uganda - then there was that awful anti-gay bill in Uganda finally receiving national attention from Time, CNN, the Associated Press, and various other sources:

Why is Uganda attacking homosexuality? 

Associated Press covers Ugandan anti-gay bill; religious right amazingly silent

Time magazine covers Ugandan anti-gay bill, calls attention to Rick Warren's cowardice

Ugandan MP Defends “Kill Gays” Bill

TWO Praises Pastor Rick Warren for Speaking Out Against Anti-Gay Uganda Bill

postscript to this story - Friday, the White House strongly condemned the bill. What took them so long?

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