Tuesday, September 06, 2016

'That time Mike Pence spread lies about 'gay sex' . . .' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Mike Pence and gay sex . . .

Journal by Pence-helmed foundation described gay sex in graphic detail - See, children. If you spread lies about gay sex, there are no repercussions. You too can go on to be elected to Congress, serve as governor, and be a vice presidential candidate. THAT is the main reason why more needs to be done to not only refute anti-lgbt propaganda but also hold those who spread it in the present and past accountable.  

You Must Read This Amazingly Graphic Gay Sex Article Mike Pence’s Journal Once Published - More about the article.

Hobby Lobby Redux: Transgender Discrimination in Michigan - Here we go again.  

The 'Black, Queer, Feminist' Legal Trailblazer You've Never Heard Of - It's sad to think about all of the folks lgbt history tends to leave out. We can't all be flashy entertainers.  

Phyllis Schlafly, One of History's Worst Homophobes, Dies at 92 - Let's forget this woman's true legacy. 

 Jehovah’s Witnesses new tactic in spreading ‘anti gay’ message - In London but still a drag.

Wacky reactions to SCOTUS marriage equality ruling revisited (in honor of Phyllis)

Anti-lgbt and all-around conservative hagstorm Phyllis Schlafly passed away yesterday at 92. I won't crack any jokes about her age, her life, or the fact that even though she had a gay son, she bent over backwards to be nasty to us. I will just revisit the wackiest reactions to last year's SCOTUS ruling for marriage equality just as a way of demonstrating how yet again the lgbt community has survived and thrived whilst another enemy of our equality is gone:

And then there is my personal favorite: