Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Anti-LGBTQ activist again proves why GLSEN's Day of Silence is needed

Linda Harvey
Every year,  GLSEN puts on a successful Day of Silence, spotlighting the problems LGBTQ youth face in America's schools.And almost every year anti-LGBTQ activist Linda Harvey bellyaches and whines about "recruitment" and "sodomy."

So why should this year be any different?

A mom who writes a popular blog, Katy Faust, reported receiving a note from her daughter’s high-school principal encouraging participation in the upcoming “Day of Silence.” 
 Both this principal and the Florida teacher used GLSEN’s talking point language about how the purpose is to protest alleged discrimination and “erasure” of those involved in these deviant behaviors. What “erasure”? These troubled “LGBTQ” kids still show up at school, attend classes, get grades and increasingly help drive out any Christian influence. Is sodomy to be commonplace and normalized? Hopefully, that will never happen.  
But in what twisted scenario would these kids “disappear”? Only in their compromised imaginations, and their creator God would always know their names and would love for them to draw closer to Him. 
An elementary school in San Leandro, California, posted a general message on the school website, presumably from the administration, announcing the upcoming “Day of Silence,” which ALL students were to observe with “… a grade level appropriate classroom discussion and the opportunity to participate in a silent lunch period.” The purpose was to honor those who have been “persecuted for their differences.” What differences? The truth is missing here, possibly on purpose. Homosexually identifying people are not different humans and are hardly silenced.

Harvey is a twisted homophobic hot mess. If she would only listen to herself, she would realize that she is proof as to why GLSEN's Day of Silence is needed.

'Oklahoma, Kansas undermining gay adoptions is no way to fix foster care system plagued by child deaths' & other Tue midday news briefs

Oklahoma and Kansas set to ban LGBT adoption — instead of fixing foster care systems plagued by child deaths - Giving tax dollars to adoption agencies while allowing them to discriminate gays is not a good solution for Oklahoma and Kansas, two states plagued with child deaths in their foster care systems. But they are probably doing it anyway. It's getting past ridiculous and cruising to "heartbreaking" territory.

National TV news ignored adoption and foster care bills that allow discrimination against LGBTQ parents - Meanwhile, we can always count on the national media to ignore this mess until it no doubt reaches a boiling point. We have to stop thinking of the media as crusading to right wrongs. Many are out for ratings and a buck. They want conflict and will hold their carpets out to the first person guaranteeing it. And that unfortunately sometimes is the religious right. Let's be as aggressive to get our faces and our people on these channels.

Conservative groups fighting subpoenas in Trump transgender lawsuits - If you blink, you will miss this very important story. It's not just the Family Research Council fighting the subpoenas but also the Heritage Foundation and Center for Military Readiness. That's three anti-LGBTQ groups fighting against releasing information which would show just deeply they were involved in Trump's ridiculous trans ban. And I heard rumors about specific names - Tony Perkins - Family Research Council, Ryan T. Anderson - The Heritage Foundation, and Elaine Donnelly - Center for Military Readiness. It's getting more and more interesting. 

Transgender media visibility helps reduce transphobia, new study shows - Yep! And that goes for the rest of the LGBTQ community, too. 

Ignorant On-Air Rant Against 'Destructive' Gays Leads Radio Station to Suspend Former GOP Official - And he was challenged while telling those lies. THIS is why we need to challenge these liars publicly and often.

At ‘Ex-Gay’ Rally ‘Activist Mommy’ Warns Of ‘War On Our Children’ Hiding Behind Rainbow And Glitter - The same hypocritical "song and dance" that the LGBTQ community has been attacked by - "we don't wish to discriminate or harm gays, but they are nasty degenerates who are trying to recruit children . . etc. . . . etc."