Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Video: Black LGBTQ Pioneers deserve more attention than Dave Chappelle

While we are still having to deal with this Dave Chappelle mess, let's amplify the voices of black people who have truly done positive things for both the LGBTQ and Black communities. This two-part special about Black LGBTQ Pioneers came out in February, but it is still remains pertinent viewing.

 . . . Phillip Alexander Downie commemorates the Black LGBTQ pioneers who have exceeded the expectations placed upon them, and surmounted hurdles some called ‘impossible’ to overcome. In this two-part special we celebrate the remarkable people that have changed our path in history, and made the world a better place. Fighting for a voice in their time that sent cultural and artistic shockwaves, and inspiring the voices of the next generation with their actions and ideas—they have fought not to garner acclaim, but to promote love and equality.

Hat tip to Montgomery Municipal Cable. 

'New Superman comes out as bisexual, GOP candidate flips out' & other Tue midday news briefs

GOP Candidate Josh Mandel Declares ‘They’ Are Trying to ‘Destroy America’ Because New Superman Is Bisexual
- Mercy! Has this fool ever read Garth Ennis? 

New Superman comes out as bisexual in upcoming DC comic - More about the issue which has little Joshie upset. 

National Coming Out Day: 21 people who have come out in 2021 - Nice! 

Franklin Graham praises GOP Lt. Governor for telling “the truth” that LGBTQ people are “filth” - A moron defending a moron. 

 Finally, if black lives truly matter to some black heterosexuals, they would stop defending Dave Chappelle and listen to black LGBTQ people when we say he is hurting us: 

Dave Chappelle’s Betrayal

Dave Chappelle's 'The Closer' Neflix special is no laughing matter to LGBTQ people like me