Sunday, October 22, 2023

SC Pride 2023 festival photo gallery - Pageantry, perfection, & love

SC Pride 2023 was wonderful.

Even after all of the lies you hear about Pride events, it only takes an afternoon spent at one to see the truth. These latest attacks on our culture and lives make us defensive. We get so scared at being accused of awful things that we give up ground when we should be standing firm.

So let me be clear about this - Being an LGBTQ is a blessing. It's not a lifestyle, it's not an abomination.

Kids are not too young to learn about LGBTQ people and families. They will not lose any innocence by simply being aware that we exist. And yes, it should be mentioned in schools. LGBTQ families raising kids exist. LGBTQ kids exist. Those are facts. Normal facts. Children being told these facts won't warp them. 

We are a diverse group of people. We come in different shades, forms, nationalities, backgrounds, social groups, etc. etc. We are not going to be confined into closets. We will not have our lives dissected, whittled down, or altered in any way to suit the comfortability of the ignorant. Folks who oppose our lives can believe whatever they want about us, but that does not give them the right to make us believe their lies or live our lives according to their false ideas of who we are. Name-calling will not harm us. Lying about us won't defeat us. Attempting to pass laws against our existence and dignity will only make us stronger.