Friday, May 29, 2015

'Gay hotelier lied about his meeting with anti-gay Sen. Ted Cruz' & other Friday midday news briefs.

Sen. Ted Cruz
Gay Hotelier Ian Reisner Lied About Cutting Check for Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign - The controversy involving gay hotelier Ian Reisner and anti-gay senator Ted Cruz, i.e. the one in which Reisner said that he was being attacked for merely wanting to establish a dialogue with Cruz and that no money was given during the meeting. The controversy which led to an internal conversation regarding the so-called "intolerance" of gays. Well the narrative was all wrong. Reisner conveniently didn't mention the check he gave Cruz, which puts an entirely new dynamic on the situation. It also proves that sometimes the lgbt community need to stick to our guns rather than being bamboozled into concern trolling ourselves. 

North Carolina Governor Vetoes ‘License To Discriminate’ Bill - This took place yesterday and had the lgbt community reeling . . . in a positive way.  

Pat Robertson: Gay Men Are Pedophiles Who Want To Recruit Your Sons (Video) - Part 35,0000. Seeing that Sen. Marco Rubio chose Pat Robertson's show to whine about anti-Christian persecution, I would love to hear his take on this.  

Let Love Define Family Series Looks At 'Religious Freedom' Bills - This NEEDS to be noted.  

Transgender People Talk About Coming Out #TransStories - These are wonderful stories.

Comedy site 'Funny or Die' nails The Duggars with a biting satire

The site Funny or Die puts its spin on the Duggars controversy and actually gets to heart of the matter in a biting satire: