Tuesday, December 22, 2020

My aborted project - Examining how the religious right exploits the 'gays recruit children' lie

 In 2016, I was beginning a new project about the anti-LGBTQ industry. But I, as well as the world in general, got sidetracked by a four-year odyssey into the deepest bowels of hell. so to speak, otherwise known as the Donald Trump presidency.  Like the figurative version of the Greek mythological monster Charybdis (look it up) which he is, Trump and his "madcap hijinks" as president sucked up the energy and attention away everybody and everything. That included my project. And now four years later with that orange dragon slain, dissected, and pounded to fine powder, maybe I can start the project anew.

Or at the very least, talk about it.

As so many of you who keep up with this blog know, I track and refute anti-LGBTQ lies which are spread to dehumanize our community and rob us of our rights and safety. For this particular project, I wanted to focus on one particular, especially nauseating lie. The one which claims that we are "recruiting" children.

Implying that LGBTQ people are "after" children is probably one of the most successful tactic of the anti-LGBTQ right. From fights against marriage equality and anti-discrimination ordinances to passing anti-transgender pieces of law, claiming gays want  "access" to children seems to always be in their bags of tricks. 

 When they pull the "gays want children" card, often times,  the religious right will use words like "indoctrination" or "marketing." They tend to skirt around what they mean, but those who believe what they say, the meaning is clear as expressed in these clips:

And that, my friends, is their general premise and argument. Any law positive to LGBTQ people, any television show showing us in a good light, any ordinance which guarantees our rights and safety, anything in general which benefits us or allows us spotlight is actually a part of a huge plot to get children. And often times, it's that lie which puts the religious right in the winner's circle. Unfortunately the belief that "gays recruit children" isn't as archaic as you would think. The above comic is presently available on a "religious webpage" along with other comics claiming the same thing about us and children. 

Laughing a belief of a monster hiding under the bed is always fun until you realize how people exploit that belief to harm others. Especially when the "others" in question include you.

I haven't decided whether or not I will take up this project again.  I will let everyone know once I do decide.

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