Monday, October 29, 2018

Family Research Council deludes itself with midterm election video (which does not mention Trump, by the way)

In spite of all of the lies, vitriol, spewing of hate, violent actions caused by, criminal activities, and basic incompetence of the Trump Administration, the Family Research Council seems to think things are going well.

The video below from FRC announces a "prayer event" two days before the midterms and it defies description as to the inaccurate happy face the group puts on the work of the Trump Administration, and what it omits. Particularly any mention of Trump. In all honest, the video was posted last month, but seeing how much has gone on since then (particularly the bombs sent to Democratic leaders, the murder of two African-Americans by a racist, the terrorist attack at the Pittsburgh synagogue), it's amazing that FRC has kept this video up.

It just goes to show deceptive conservative anti-LGBTQ evangelicals have been during the Trump Administration and how pathetically low they will stoop for their goals. Since when does following Jesus includes wallowing in the thick mud of lies? And don't think FRC's omission of Trump in the video was accidental. It was sadly deliberate.

'Anti-LGBTQ hate group targeting individual LGBTQ children with its lawsuits' & other Mon midday news briefs

Anti-LGBTQ hate group are specifically targeting individual LGBTQ children in its cases.

Hate’s New Strategy: Call Trans Kindergartners Sexual Predators - Do no think you can't stop this. You can with your voice. Speak out! Share the article. Tell everyone. Hate despises mirrors because it has to see itself for what it is:

The Alliance Defending Freedom is leading the charge to get the federal government to erase transgender people. Its latest scheme to accomplish this involves picking on 5-year-olds -- claiming that transgender children are dangerous. Sounds absurd, except Donald Trump’s administration is preparing to hand the ADF a victory that may impact transgender people across the country.
On August 17, 2017, ADF threatened legal action against the school district of Grass Lake, Mich. ADF claimed that if a transgender fourth-grader was treated like any other little boy, this would “jeopardize” the other students. A month after ADF threatened legal action, the mother of that transgender student told the Grass Lake school committee, “My son now says he wants to kill himself again,” because he thought “everybody hates him.” Her son was telling her this before he was even 10 years old.
 ADF has gone after transgender children repeatedly over the years. Before ADF bullied a fourth-grader and his family in Michigan, it demonized a transgender high school student in Minnesota because she acted like any other teenage girl. The group has also used similar tactics, unsuccessfully, in attempts to deny transgender high school students the use of school facilities in Pennsylvania and Illinois.
Since May, ADF has hyped a dubious claims that a transgender elementary school student assaulted another child in a school restroom in Decatur, Ga. ADF has pushed this claim despite a review by school officials and social service agencies that concluded the allegation was unfounded. ADF hyped this even though the person that made this allegation was a parent publicly opposed to trans-inclusive school policies. This person had even stated so at a local school board meeting just a month before they made the accusation.
ADF’s case was so flimsy that a local news outlet,, had refused to publish it. To top it all off, ADF’s alleged assailant doesn’t even identify as transgender but as a cisgender boy.

More about the Alliance Defending Freedom.  

LGBTQs Could Win the Midterms for the Democrats - Only if we get out there and vote our asses off. Our lives simply depend on it. 

As bad as it is, there’s even more damage that Trump can do to us - Repeat, our lives depend on it. 

Protesters unfurl giant transgender-rights banner at World Series - Good for them!