Monday, October 05, 2020

LGBT History Month 2020 should remind us to never stop fighting and never give up


In spite of all of the madness of the recent days and especially the Trump regime in general, our people need not forget to celebrate ourselves and our progress. October is still LGBT History Month and the above video reminds us of that. 

Let this year's honorees, from Billy Porter to Kate McKinnon to Lil Nas X, remind us not to be afraid to fight for what's ours no matter who we have to fight against or how powerful they claim to be.

 Editor's note - The names of this year's honorees are between 6:13 and 10:37

'Trump Administration ordered to turn over documents on transgender military ban' & other Mon midday news briefs


Trump Administration Ordered To Turn Over Documents On Transgender Military Ban - Closer and closer to the truth. 

Mike Pence is waiting to take reign of the country. He has the potential to be worse. - The potential? For LGBTQ people, he probably would be worse.

Hulu's First Day Shows Trans Kids They're 'Not Alone' - Good. We need more shows like this.