Monday, February 21, 2011

Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way

I am very appreciative of Lady Gaga's advocacy for the lgbt community. But let's not forget that while her song "I Was Born This Way" will be a massive hit, it wasn't the first song to celebrate self-love, particularly in the lgbt community.

The following is a 1977 song from former Motown recording artist and founding prelate of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement Carl Bean:

The following is Bean in an interview talking about his autobiographical book of the same name:

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An lgbt teen makes an excellent video about bullying and other Monday midday news briefs

No Place For Hate - Excellent piece about a bullied teen.

'I have no problem with homosexuality' FAIL - Sometimes I prefer outright hatred to insulting patronization.

New Mexico Democrats kill anti-gay marriage bills - Good news from New Mexico from last week.

A Military Job Is Not Economic Justice - A very interesting piece.

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LGBT Black History - Answers the questions and see how much you know

How many of these questions regarding lgbt Black History can you answer correctly? The answers will be posted at a later time:

1. What female poet is known for the phrase “your silence will not protect you.”

2. He was an aid to Dr. King and organized the 1963 March on Washington.

3. In 1972, he was the first gay black man to be nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor in for the movie Sounder.

4. She was the first lesbian of color elected to the U.S. House of Representatives where she electrified the country during Nixon’s impeachment hearings.

5. He is the first openly gay African-American gospel singer.

6. She won a Tony and an Emmy for the Broadway musical “Ain’t Misbehavin’” and was the star of her own situation comedy.

7. This playwright wrote A Raisin in the Sun.

8. This former employee of the Clinton Administration wrote One More River to Cross.

9. This blues legend fronted the group “The Assassinators of the Blues.”

10. This Tuskegee scientist is known more for his experiments with sweet potatoes and peanuts than his rumored relationship with lab assistant Austin Curtis, Jr.

11. What early August Wilson play featured a relationship between a famous blues singer and her girlfriend?

12. This documentary focused on the ball scene in New York during the late 80s.

13. She is the author of the novel Push, which was made into the motion picture Precious.

14. He is the first and only African-American gay man to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Director.

15. He wrote The Fire Next Time and Blues for Mister Charlie.

16. This scholar was fired by then Governor of California Ronald Reagan due to her affiliation with the Communist Party.

17. What leader of the Black Panther Party gave a speech of solidarity to the gay rights movement in 1970?

18. He is presently a theologian at Harvard University’s Divinity School and authored The Good Book.

19. She wrote the book Hiding My Candy.

20. She has won three Olympic gold medals as well as three WNBA MVP awards.

21. This singer has sung such hits as “Chance Are” and “Misty.”

22. She has been called the “Empress of the Blues” and was the subject of a false story that she died because she was not admitted to a white hospital after a car crash.

23. He authored such books as Invisible Life and This Too Shall Pass.

24. She is considered a legend in France due to her mystique and dancing performances wearing nothing more than a skirt of artificial bananas.

25. Her novel, The Color Purple, received the Pulitzer Prize and is the subject of a successful movie and Broadway play.

26. This cultural movement took place in New York between 1920s and 30s and featured such artists as Josephine Baker, Langston Hughes, and Countee Cullen.

27. This legendary rock and roll singer’s hits include "Long Tall Sally" and "Tootie Fruitie."

28. She is presently the only openly gay African-American federal judge. She serves in the Southern District of New York.

29. She originally recorded the Elvis Presley hit, “Hound Dog.”

30. She was a performer during the Harlem Renaissance who dressed in men’s clothing while performing.

31. He was the first openly gay Major League Baseball player.

32. This gospel singer was known as “Little Ax” and at the time of his death was discovered to be anatomically female.

33. He was one of the first soldiers to have success challenging the then Armed Forces ban on lgbts.

34. He was one of the defendants in the case Lawrence vs. Texas, which overturned the country’s anti-sodomy laws.

35. He formed his own dance theatre in 1958 and helped to popularize modern dance.

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