Thursday, March 02, 2017

Anti-transgender 'bathroom bills' keep no one safe except the politicians pushing them

Has the indispensable video journalist Matt Baume been reading my blog? Probably so, but I doubt as much as I would like for me to take credit for this wonderful video he just completed.  Baume proves that politicians pushing "bathroom bills" do so because they are more concerned about their re-election chances than protecting the public. Then he compares the rhetoric used to justify these bills to the rhetoric used to justify banning marriage equality. In doing this, Baume proves a point I've made repeatedly - that the religious right and their allies exploit people's fear about children in danger to hinder lgbt equality. Outstanding!

'NPR doing awful job covering lgbt issues' & other Thur midday news briefs

NPR doing bad job on lgbt issues

NPR demonstrates how not to report on LGBT issues — four different times - It is crucial, particularly during the Trump Administration era, that our community demand fair coverage of issues involving us. When noted media sources like NPR get crucial facts wrong AND allow anti-lgbt hate and religious right groups to dictate the terms of the conversation, we have a SERIOUS problem. 

The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness - While we fight for equality, the lgbt community cannot forget that there are other internal issues which laws can't take care of. This is a huge one.

 12 Transgender People React to Trump's Order on Their Civil Rights - Thank you, Teen Vogue for focusing on the important part of this issues, i.e. the rights and voices of transgender people.  

DOJ lets stand court order against transgender health care - Disgraceful! 

 Former NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire says he’d avoid gay teammate - Don't nobody want you!