Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Video: Evicted for being LGBTQ. Without the Equality Act, it could happen to any of us.

With so much off-the-wall stuff going on, it is easy for LGBTQ Americans to get distracted. But that's one thing we cannot afford to be. We are still faced with situations which can undermine or eliminate our rights, equality, and families. The above video merely points that out. Queen Hatcher-Johnson tells her story about being evicted for being transgender. And I doubt that she is the only LGBTQ American who has faced this. 

''Hallowed Ground' looks at the Civil Rights Movement through LGBTQ+ lens' & other Wed midday news briefs

Bayard Rustin, openly gay Civil Rights Movement activist who was the head organizer of the 1963 March on Washington.

'Hallowed Ground' Looks at Civil Rights Movement Through LGBTQ+ Lens - And it's about time, too. LGBTQ people of color have been omitted from the history of the Civil Rights Movement for too long. 

Indya Moore Is Co-Starring in the New Aquaman Sequel - And it better be a good role. Just saying.

Transgender, intersex activists participate in White House listening session - I'm going to say it again - this would have never happened under Trump or any other GOP administration. 

Chesapeake School Board adds revisions for LGBTQ students in nondiscrimination policy; updates COVID protocols - At the very least, a step in the right direction. 

Liz Cheney just apologized to LGBTQ Americans. Is it too little, too late? - That's a good question.