Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Daily Wire host claims there can't be a genocide against trans people because they aren't 'a legitimate category of being'

Michael Knowles

Recently, Daily Wire host (and failed actor) Michael Knowles said transgenderism should be "banned." His comments caught a lot of deserved criticisms. Many pointed out that dehumanizing people by labeling them as abstract concepts makes it disturbingly easy to do them harm.

In other words, folks pointed out that Knowles was implying genocide. 

Knowles certainly didn't take the criticism well. In another video, he tried to "explain" what he meant but proceeded to dig deeper into the hole he made for himself. So deep in fact that he figuratively hit a sewer line which spewed its contents all over him.

To summarize his long-winded tangent -  he said you can't commit genocide against trans people because "they aren't a legitimate category of being."

Another person watching this clip pointed out the chilling truth behind it and Knowles's initial statement. Knowles is in fact rationalizing harming trans people and in the backdrop of many state lawmakers trying to pass anti-trans legislation across the country, it would be a mistake to take what he is saying lightly.

He reminds me of that eerie scene in the movie 'Silence of the Lambs' in which the serial killer deliberately doesn't talk directly to his kidnapped victim and refers to her as "it." In doing so, he doesn't have to acknowledge that she is a human being who he intends to murder.

I'm certainly not accusing Knowles of being a body-skinning serial killer. To me, he's much worse. He's a coward egging on others to do the dirty work while making excuses for them.

'Daily Wire host: 'You have to ban transgenderism entirely'' & other Tue midday news briefs

Daily Wire host: “You have to ban transgenderism entirely”- Trans people is not an "ism." This is so vile and it underscores why trans Americans are so scared right now. You would be scared to if people dehumanize you and then talk about "banning" you. And these folks aren't even shy about openly declaring it.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Tenn Gov Bill Lee's high school drag picture resurfaces as he pledges to sign anti-drag bill

Tenn Gov Bill Lee wants to sign bill into law which automatically make drag illegal to be performed in front of minors. But a high school picture of him in drag contradicts his anti-drag narrative.

The Tennessee state legislature just passed a bill which would categorize drag as sexually explicit and thus make it illegal to be performed on public property and in front of minors. Supporters of the bill claim that it is to keep children from being "sexualized." Opponents point out that the bill automatically categorizes drag performances and drag queens as sexually explicit even if they are g-rated, such as the Drag Queen Story Hour event.

 Tennessee Gov Bill Lee said that he will sign the bill into law. But there is an irony to the situation.

He's appeared in drag before. And in high school.

From Independent UK via AOL:

An image appearing to show Tennessee Governor Bill Lee in drag in 1977 has surfaced as the state looks set to impose a new anti-drag law. “As Tennessee moves forward to ban drag, enjoy a high school yearbook picture of Tennessee Governor Bill Lee in drag (Franklin High yearbook 1977, page 165),” a Reddit user wrote in a post on the subreddit Political Humor, sharing a picture of what seems to be Mr Lee in a photo above the caption “Hard Luck Woman”. 

 The image was widely shared on social media with users arguing that Republicans are hypocrites on the issue, mentioning that more recent images also depict New York Republican Representative George Santos in drag as the party attempts to utilise the issue in the so-called culture war. 

 Democrat Christopher Hale wrote on Twitter: “Tennessee Governor Bill Lee is set to sign a bill that bans and criminalizes drag across the Volunteer State. Under this law, Governor Lee himself would face prosecution and jail time for his decision to dress up as a ‘hard luck woman’ in high school. Nice legs though!” 

 Gov Lee was confronted  about the photo by a reporter from an online publication The Tennessee Holler   Instead of addressing the hypocrisy of the entire legislative exercise, he clung to the tired  right-wing canard of  "protecting the children,"

Nevertheless, as The Daily Dot points out, the hypocrisy of Lee wanting to sign a bill categorizing drag as sexually explicit even though the past picture of him in drag clearly refutes that notion was duly noted after the picture's release.

photo taken from The Daily Dot.

'Trans teen says school board trustee made him feel 'unsafe' because of personal comments about genitals' & other Mon midday news briefs

Transgender student ‘violated, dehumanized’ by Frisco trustee Marvin Lowe: complaint - This is disgusting and unfortunately it shouldn't surprise anyone. 

Christians could sue people who call them homophobic if this GOP bill passes - Our opposition has this ugly but delightful habit of not stopping themselves from going too far. 

7.2 Percent of U.S. Adults Identify as LGBTQ+: Gallup Poll - Which is probably why the anti-LGBTQ industry has been in such a frenzy. 

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Mississippi lawmaker called out for making false claims about trans teen surgeries

Those of us who've tracked anti-LGBTQ lies over the years have seen this happen numerous times -  anecdotal stories about kids being harmed in some way by LGBTQ culture turning out to be completely false. 

From Mississippi Today on Friday:

Sen. Joey Fillingane, defending a controversial bill that would ban gender-affirming care for trans minors, said on the Senate floor Tuesday he’d recently spoken with a Hattiesburg-based plastic surgeon who told him he’d performed gender-confirmation surgery on 17-year-old trans kids. That plastic surgeon, contacted Wednesday by Mississippi Today, says he didn’t tell Fillingane that and wants the senator to recant his statement.

 . . . Fillingane presented the bill to the Senate. He took many by surprise when he said he’d talked to “plastic surgeons in Hattiesburg” who told him they had “on occasion” performed gender-confirmation surgeries on 17-year-olds with parental consent. 

 . . . Dr. Paul Talbot, who founded the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg in 1998, told Mississippi Today he is the surgeon Fillingane talked to. He recalled the recent conversation with Fillingane — which took place after the men ran into each other at Revolution Fitness in Hattiesburg — differently. “It was a two-minute conversation,” Talbot said. “I was on one elliptical, he was on the other.” While they were exercising, Talbot said he told Fillingane he has taken on trans adults as clients but has never performed surgery on trans kids. “I’ve never done anybody (trans) under the age of 18,” Talbot told Mississippi Today. “He must’ve misheard that because no, we’ve never done that. Never had someone ask me under 18 to do it.”

Aside from this part, the article relates just how difficult it to for trans Mississipians to receive treatment in the first place.  In addition, the article brings up a good point when it comes to cosmetic surgery for trans Americans in comparison to cosmetic surgery for cis Americans:

The gender binary is not as clear-cut as some Mississippians might think, Talbot said. He thinks of cosmetic procedures for cis people as on the same spectrum as those for trans people. “Typically once you have them draped out in the operating room ready to do surgery, I couldn’t tell if it’s a boy or girl lying on the table,” he said. 
There’s no difference, he said, when it comes to the actual procedure: A mastectomy for a cis woman is performed exactly the same way as “top surgery” on a trans man. Still, in Mississippi and across the country, trans people face more barriers in obtaining the same procedures that cis people can get with little questions asked.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Call it what it is - Legislative attack on drag queens is un-American, puppet government trash

When folks attack the LGBTQ community and our rights, it's always under the guise of some hysterical notion that anything about our culture will harm children. This recent hysteria about banning drag in public places is just the latest in a very long history of people masking their own ignorance and fears about LGBTQ people behind the lie that children need to be saved from us.

Republicans in Kentucky are working on a bill which would ban drag shows within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, and homes. A main target of this bill is  the popular event known as Drag Queen Story Hour in which drag queens read children's books to kids and their parents in public libraries. For years, those on the right have spun nefarious and false claims about the event in unsuccessful attempts to do away with it. Seeing that they couldn't dent the event's popularity, they are now attempting to legislate their will on people. 

I think this moment in the tweet below not only underscores the inanity of that particular bill, also but this entire crusade of fear:

This clip proves yet again that the main people who seem to be in need of a good drag show are the ones who oppose them. We are dealing with people who don't want to be reasoned with even though they have been told time and time again that their notions are inaccurate. They have a false idea of drag and our community in general. And it's not enough for them to have that belief. They want to force the belief on the rest of us, which is pretty ironic. They always complain that we are forcing our beliefs on them. 

But no one forces them or their kids to go to drag shows which by the way, can be either adult-oriented or child friendly just like movies. Drag in itself is not inherently x-rated. No one forces them  or their kids to attend Drag Queen Story Hour, which is an innocent event popular with both kids and their parents in general. No one is forcing them to abandon their inaccurate opinion that drag in itself is adult entertainment.  

These folks who claim that they are protecting and defending are the ones doing the forcing And they are determined to continue forcing even if it leads them to pervert our country's legislative process. They have every right to their personal beliefs that drag is dirty by nature and the LGBTQ community are out to supposedly groom children. But those beliefs are opinions, not facts. By attempting to pass these laws, these so-called moral crusaders are trying to convert these opinions into facts which they then are attempting to force the rest of us to live by. 

It's tyrannical and goes against everything America is supposed to stand for. It stinks of actions coming a puppet  government in which preconceived plans are carried out in an embarrassingly obvious show ceremony done for the sake of appearances. The rights of the people are sacrificed for the whims of those in power. Facts don't matter, integrity doesn't matter, and the people whom these folks are sworn to protect don't matter.

It seems to me that putting on a show of constitutional governance while stripping away constitutional rights is worse than any Republican imagination of a drag show could ever be.  And that is the very thing which our children should be protected from.

'GOP gubernatorial candidate says Satan is sitting in libraries' & other Thur midday news briefs

GOP gubernatorial candidate says Satan is sitting in libraries​ - Actually, I've heard he is probably in certain other places.

On CNN, a trans teen and her father discuss the dangerous effects of youth gender-affirming care bans - Glory be! The media actually talked to a trans child and her family instead of phony experts from the right? I can't believe it! It's a miracle! 

The Far Right Is Calling for the Execution of Teachers and Doctors - Because they are helping trans kids. It's not enough for those bigots to attack us. They go after those who are helping us stay healthy and feel good about ourselves. Completely deliberate and evil. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

West Virginia transgender sports ban temporarily halted because of appeal

It's a temporary injunction, but it is still a victory for trans kids wanting to play sports. At least for now.

From ABC News:

Transgender athletes in West Virginia can compete in female school sports while an appeal is heard on a state law banning their participation, a divided federal appeals panel ruled Wednesday. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 to reinstate a preliminary injunction, sought by the American Civil Liberties Union. The 2021 law signed by Republican Gov. Jim Justice applies to middle and high schools, as well as colleges. 

 Last month a federal judge dissolved the preliminary injunction, which he had issued in July 2021. The judge also ruled the law did not violate Title IX, the landmark gender equity legislation of 1972. 

 . . . More than a dozen states have passed laws banning or restricting transgender athletes' participation in sports based on the premise that they have an unfair competitive advantage, despite a lack of widespread cases. The West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission, which oversees scholastic sports, said when the suit was filed that it had not received any complaints about transgender athletes on girls' teams.

Related post - BUSTED! USA Today article makes strong case that attempts to ban trans athletes are based on lies and misrepresentations   

'Black celebrity's latest cover shoot slammed for being 'too effeminate' & other Wed midday news briefs

Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors’ latest cover shoot slammed for being too “effeminate” - Here we go. A black man is always made to overcompensate our masculinity. 

Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills Allowing Outing, Pronoun Bans Advance Around Nation - Interesting how these bad bills are taking place in 'red' states. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

FL school district bans three books, including one about 'gay penguins'

'And Tango Makes Three' is the latest of book banning

This nonsense about "protecting kids" by banning books is going to continue until folks recognize just stupid it is. And I hope that we are getting very close to that level.

From wuwf 881 - NPR for Florida's Great Northwest

The Escambia County School Board voted to remove three books from school libraries last night in a meeting that ran over four hours. The books in question had already gone through the district’s committee review process and had been voted unanimously to stay on the shelves in school libraries. But multiple challenges brought the books into an appeal process. 

 In a packed room, dozens of parents and concerned citizens spoke about the books which include “All Boys Aren’t Blue” by George Johnson, “And Tango Makes Three” by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, and “When Aiden Became a Brother” by Kyle Lukoff.

Indeed, all three books discussed in Monday’s special meeting dealt with LGBTQ themes and characters. None of the books were part of classroom curriculum but were offered in age-appropriate libraries for students to read at will. 

 "All Boys Aren't Blue" has been attacked in many places for graphic sexual content which some have claimed others have simply cherry-picked.

 "When Adrian Became a Brother" is a children's book about a transgender child becoming a big brother.

 The third book, "And Tango Makes Three," underscores just how ridiculous and dishonest this book banning crusade is. It's simply about two male penguins who raise a chick. It's a wonderful story about differences in families, but to some folks it's the latest proof of so-called LGBTQ indoctrination of children. And of course that includes inferences of sexual activity, which is ridiculous because while one book has a little sexual content, the other two have none.

 "And Tango Makes Three" is about penguins, for goodness sakes. What kind of freaky nonsense are some of these folks thinking

We all know what this is really about. No matter how many of us they see, how many of us they claim to know personally, and how many of our families surround them every say, some people are determined to pigeonhole LGBTQ people into a false designation of sexual activity. As if all LGBTQ people is have sex and think about ways to have sex, when we aren't attempting convert kids, that is.

And it's not enough for them to feel that way on a personal level. They attempt to force that designation on us, no matter who far from it we actually are. It's not enough for them to peek into closets. They are also trying to shove us into the closets.

Monday, February 20, 2023

Satan obsessed election-denial homophobe now leads Michigan state Republican Party

Michigan Republican chose Kristina Karamo as their state leader.

And you thought you had problems? I'd wager that few of your problems are bigger than that of Michigan Republicans. After an electoral wipeout which saw them lose power in the 2020, the state party is going to a strange place for leadership.

From USA Today:

Kristina Karamo, a Republican who has made unsubstantiated allegations of widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election and has yet to concede her 14-point loss in the 2022 Michigan election for secretary of state, was elected chair of the Michigan Republican Party Saturday. 

 Karamo defeated unsuccessful GOP attorney general candidate Matt DePerno of Kalamazoo, a fellow election denier who was endorsed in the party chair race by Trump. Karamo had 58% of the vote on the third – and final – ballot at the state convention. DePerno had 42%.

 "We will not betray you; we will not lie to you," Karamo said in a brief victory speech as convention delegates were hustled out of the Lansing Center. The cash-strapped state party had only paid to rent the hall until late afternoon. Officials extended the arrangement until 8 p.m., but told delegates they had to leave quickly after the third ballot. 

 . . . Karamo's election as chair signals the party leadership's shift to nearly full alignment with Trump's Make America Great Again (MAGA) messaging. Many longtime party stalwarts stayed away from Saturday's convention, unhappy with the party's direction. Long considered an organizational and fundraising juggernaut, the Michigan Republican Party took a historic shellacking in the November election, losing every statewide office and losing control of the Michigan Senate for the first time in 40 years. 

Election denial isn't the only thing Karamo has been vocal about. She's been extremely vocal about LGBTQ people. And in case you don't know where this is going, she doesn't like us very much. She thinks we're in league with Satan. 

CNN reported that Karamo criticized schools for teaching children about LGBTQ parents, and quoted her saying in one episode: “There is no such thing as a person with two mommies and two daddies. That is just factually incorrect.” The outlet also quoted her in another episode saying of two same-sex parents: “No, it's the parent and their homosexual lover. That's what's going on.” 

 Heartland Signal reported that on one episode of her podcast, “Karamo declares that she understands that same sex attraction ‘in and of itself is unnatural’” and “ranted about schools teaching LGBTQ issues and transgender youth acceptance. She referred to teaching those topics as ‘Satan … trying to get children while they’re small,’ and said, ‘the education system is being used as a tool to push sexual sin.’” 

And just in case girlfriend tries to claim she has been misquoted, here is some audio courtesy of Media Matters:


 Way to go Michigan Republicans. You certainly can pick 'em.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Virginia Democrats defeat all 12 anti-trans bills proposed by state Republicans

We have some good news  out of Virginia about the anti-trans bills state Republicans have been attempting to make into law. 

From The Advocate:

Thursday, Virginia Senate Democrats mustered a bipartisan effort to kill an anti-trans bill put forth and passed by the Republican-controlled state House. Legislators voted down a bill that banned transgender athletes of all ages from participating in sports teams aligned with their gender identity from kindergarten through college, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. 

 During a Thursday morning committee meeting, the legislation was defeated 10-5, with Republican Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant of Henrico County voting with the Democratic majority. 

 When the bill passed the lower chamber of Virginia's legislature last week, the Human Rights Campaign issued a statement critical of the bill's advancement. "In a coordinated push led by national anti-LGBTQ+ groups, which deployed vintage discriminatory tropes, politicians in state houses across the country introduced a record 315 discriminatory anti-LGBTQ+ bills in 2022," HRC wrote. 

"The majority of the discriminatory bills targeted the transgender and non-binary community, with the majority targeting children receiving the brunt of discriminatory legislation. Anti-transgender legislation took several forms, including bills aimed to prevent transgender youth from playing school sports consistent with their gender identity and bills to prevent transgender and non-binary youth from receiving life-saving, medically-necessary gender-affirming healthcare."

 Equality Virginia cheered the news that transgender rights were being upheld in the state. "

After this morning's Senate Ed & Health Committee, we can officially say that all 12 anti-trans bills are DEAD!" Equality Virginia tweeted. They noted that in Virginia, Republicans put forth three gender-affirming care bills, four bills that would out students to parents involuntarily, and five transgender sports ban bills — all of them failed. 

.Just a reminder that those pervert who power won't yield without a fight. The struggle for equality and the right to self-determination isn't supposed to be easy. The first step in winning is not allowing yourself to be run over.

Always fight. If not for yourself, then for the younger ones and those who have less capacity to fight.

'Drag bans could result in arrests at Pride parades' & other Thur midday news briefs

Drag bans could result in arrests at Pride parades - If these folks pushing these bans knew what I knew, they would cease and desist. The attention it would get if they arrested people at Pride for wearing drag - and not just the drag queens - would be massive. And we won't mind the attention.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s priority bills signal another swing at pushing Texas to the right - Guess which community he has in his sights. Simply a sign about the dangers of giving a politician too much power and allowing him to stay in office. Patrick thinks he is a king.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Mike Pence would rather attack trans kids than testify about the Jan 6 insurrection


Former VP Mike Pence sent out this tweet earlier on Wednesday:

According to The Advocate:

He spoke at the downtown event as GOP presidential candidates are beginning to throw in their hats for 2024, with Nikki Haley announcing her run this week. Former President Donald Trump announced his candidacy in November. 

 “The truth is the average American today is being dragged into a left-wing culture war that’s invaded our schools, our colleges, and our workplace,” Pence lamented. “Every day we’re told that we must not only tolerate the left’s obsessions with race and sex and gender, but we must earnestly and enthusiastically participate or face severe consequences. And nowhere is the problem more severe or the need for leadership more urgent than in our public school classrooms,” the conservative Christian former vice president warned. 

 Pence has yet to declare himself a candidate despite traveling the country and releasing a new book a few months ago. After his Minneapolis appearance, Pence was on his way to Iowa, which remains the first stop for Republicans in the presidential race. 

 It's the usual junk we've come to expect from Pence, who has made a political career on weaponizing religion to smear LGBTQ Americans. 

This time however, has an ironic feel to it.

Last week, Pence was subpoenaed by special counsel Jack Smith. Smith was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate Donald Trump's attempts to stay in the office after losing the 2020 election. Trump and his allies pushed the continuously proven-to-be-false belief that the election was "stolen." This constant pushing of this false narrative ultimately led to the infamous January 6th riot/insurrection at the Capitol in DC where - among other things - participants called for executing Pence for not being more helpful in pushing the 'stolen election" story.

Aside from making those vile statements against trans youth, Pence said he would fight the subpoena. According to CNN:

“My fight is on the separation of powers. My fight against the DOJ subpoena very simply is on defending the prerogatives that I had as president of the Senate to preside over the Joint Session of Congress on January 6,” Pence told reporters in Minneapolis. “For me this is a moment where you have to decide where you stand and I stand on the Constitution of the United States,” he added.

 . . . Sources previously told CNN that Pence will raise claims under the Constitution’s Speech or Debate Clause, which protects legislators from certain law enforcement actions if the conduct in question is linked to their legislative duty. Pence is expected to point to the role he played, when he was vice president, as president of the Senate. In that role, he presided over Congress’ certification of the 2020 election results on January 6.

 Other witnesses have raised Speech or Debate Clause arguments in efforts to resist subpoenas in the DOJ probe and in the other investigations into January 6. But Pence’s plans to invoke the clause in his role as president of the Senate is believed to be untrod legal ground.

Washington DC online publication, The Hill, points out that several attorneys called Pence's strategy a "stretch." One of them said the following:

“I’m a skeptic,” said Neil Eggleston, who served as White House counsel under President Obama. “Although the Constitution gives the vice president a role in vote counting, the Constitution does not make the vice president a senator. Senators are defined in Article One. The vice president is not a senator. And I read the speech and debate clause as only applying to senators and representatives. … I don’t think the language of the Constitution permits any other reading.”

The entire situation merely underscores the basic hypocrisy and cynicism in that "Bible-thumping heart" Pence claims to have. He's attacking trans kids for the same reason he doesn't want to testify against Trump. He will no doubt run for president and is trying to appeal to the Trump base by throwing out red meat while the same time not trying to alienate them (something he would do if he did in fact testify.)

Don't be fooled by his entreaties. Pence isn't eyeing a place in Heaven by his words and actions. He has his eyes completely on the White House

Monday, February 13, 2023

Trans pharmacist questioned about her 'genitalia' by state senator during Arkansas judiciary hearing

At first I didn't want to post this but I decided otherwise because I felt it was necessary. 

I think a lot of us don't understand the plight of transgender Americans as they are hit with an onslaught of bills attempting to erase their basic gender-affirming care and their very lives. This onslaught are attacks on their dignity and person. Republican and their cohorts behind these efforts aren't even attempting their basic hatred anymore.

Decorum flew entirely out the window Monday, as Arkansas senators insulted, attacked and silenced transgender people and their supporters who’d shown up at the Capitol in hopes of stopping yet another bill targeting LGBTQ+ youth. Republican lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee, all of them white men, compared gender-affirming care to frontal lobotomies and child abuse. They dismissed testimony from doctors and therapists, and suggested lawmakers are the ones who know best when it comes to medical decisions. Freshman Sen. Matt McKee (R-Pearcy) made it all quite personal when he asked a transgender pharmacist who came to testify against the bill if she has a penis. 

I would have some very choice words to say. To her credit though, the pharmacist refused allow this humiliating question to throw her off. She handled herself rather well in spite of the circumstances.

Unfortunately but not surprisingly, the bill made it out of the hearing:

The bill being discussed (and eventually passed Monday morning, with only the one Democrat at the meeting voting against it) is Senate Bill 199 to open up doctors who provide gender-affirming care to youth to significant new loopholes and additional malpractice liabilities far beyond the standard for doctors in other fields. 

It's ironic that these people who claim that they are "protecting children" won't treat their adult constituents with basic dignity and respect. 

'Right-wingers falsely label peaceful protest as 'trans mob'' & other Mon midday news briefs

Peaceful protest or a trans 'mob'? Oklahoma demonstration riles the right - Of course the right lied about this protest. It's their brand and sometimes they do it so much that it's difficult to keep up with them.

Out, Black, and Proud, Ernestine Eckstein Fought For Us Before Stonewall - Another example of how Black and LGBTQ history intertwines. 

Utah's GOP governor defends new ban on gender-affirming care - He tried so hard to thread the needle here. It simply doesn't work for him.

30 Football Players Who Came Out of the Closet - While we're on the subject . . .

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Reminder - Black history is LGBTQ history and LGBTQ history is Black history


Some words are worth repeating and some videos are worth reposting. We are unfortunately living in a time in which certain attempting to erase the intersection between Black and LGBTQ history. They will not succeed.

Thursday, February 09, 2023

Anti-trans 'influencer' Matt Walsh exposed and humiliated during Tenn legislative hearing

Matt Walsh is an anti-trans, homophobic "influencer" at the forefront of the statewide attacks on trans Americans.  He has done things like creating an anti-trans propaganda documentary film, authoring an anti-trans children's book, and amplifying lies about gender-affirming care for trans kids. These lies have led to bomb threats against Boston Children's Hospital, which Walsh initially claimed was a hoax. In September of last year,  a Boston woman by the name of Catherine Leavy, was arrested for making one of those threats.

Walsh claims that his actions are all about saving children from "mutilation." In reality, he has created a successful business model built upon fear and scientific distortions hiding behind a flimsy veneer of "common sense."

People like Walsh are always troublesome but eventually amusing to watch. You get angry watching the havoc they create and the lives they disrupt. Sooner or later, though, they always get some sort of comeuppance because their egos blind them to their limitations. For Walsh, this took place on Thursday during a legislative hearing on an anti-trans bill in Tennessee.

This video was highly embarrassing for Walsh's brand and he knows it. Subsequently, he has been posting tweets of other parts of the hearing in an attempt to claim that he actually got the best of the Democrats. One tweet features a video of Walsh supposedly creating awkward silence from the panel by asking an inane question. In reality, the silence was because Walsh broke the protocol by interjecting that nonsense when they were asking him questions. Perhaps he was channeling  Mellissa Carone, the woman who became a comical meme sensation after the 2020 election hearing in Michigan.

Like I said before, people like Matt Walsh are always amusing to watch as they climb a peak of relevancy to the point in which their egos cause the bottom to drop from under them. Unfortunately, while Matt's present humiliation underscores his dishonesty, people are still being led to believe the worst about trans Americans and the healthcare they need to survive. They are still seen by people like Walsh as a commodity for wealth and influence.   Trans Americans, particularly our trans kids, continue to be bombarded by messages that people hate them and want them dead simply for attempting to be their authentic selves. 

Taking all of that into account, the situation becomes less amusing and instead, increasingly infuriating.

Hat tip to The Tennessee Holler

'Anti-LGBTQ bills in NC and VA clear hurdles, but have good chance of being ultimately defeated' & other Thur midday news briefs

 Two disastrous anti-LGBTQ bills pass in NC and VA state houses. However, all may not be lost. Both have a very good chance of being ultimately defeated. However, they are still an indication of what we are facing this year in state legislatures:

North Carolina senate passes “Don’t Say Gay” bill that would out trans kids to their families

In other news:

GLAAD to Honor Christina Aguilera, Bad Bunny, and Jeremy Pope - Congratulations! All very deserving! 

Even Gay Men Prefer Straight-Acting Men in Leadership Roles: Study - This right here is some straight-up bullsh!t. 

 GOP, Democrats clash on parental involvement, LGBTQ students at year’s first Education hearing - This article demonstrates the necessity of having of having LGBTQ members of government. Representation matters, y'all.

Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Congresswoman AOC blasts Libs of TikTok for its campaign of lies against Boston Children's Hospital

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

We simply have to give Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) her props for doing something which should have been done a long time ago by members of Congress. During a hearing on Wednesday, she called out the bigoted Twitter site Libs of TikTok for  its vile campaign of lies against the LGBTQ community and against Boston Children's Hospital (lies which have led to bomb threats against the hospital).

She even had a little bit of "reading" left for the Republican Party for its part in the smearing of LGBTQ Americans.

''Gays Against Groomers' created by conspiracy theorists and right-wing operatives' & other Wed midday news briefs

Jaimee Mitchell, 'founder' of Gays Against Groomers

Grifter Gays: How conspiracy theorists and right-wing operatives created Gays Against Groomers - Not surprising. I bet you will reach the same conclusion about Libs of TikTok. 

Content creators are filling the gap on Black, LGBTQ history - The more they try to shut us down, the louder and clearer we shout.

Tuesday, February 07, 2023

It begins: Donald Trump shares memes accusing Fl Gov Ron DeSantis of 'grooming' and pedophilia

The 2024 Republican primary has officially begun. In the mud.

I don't like Donald Trump or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, so I am enjoying this. 

Political pundits and the like all agree that Trump and DeSantis may be the top two vying for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination and it looks like the competition is already starting. 

In the mud, that is.

Earlier Tuesday, Trump sent out the following message on Truth Social implying that DeSantis groomed underaged girls in the past:

The accusation of sexually grooming kids is bad enough but DeSantis being accused of it is rather stark, seeing that the Florida governor has exploited the narrative of  "child grooming" to make several legislatives moves against the state's LGBTQ community. Specifically was last year's "Don't Say Gay" law. To me it's comical that a distortion tactic which served DeSantis well in the past is now being used against him. 

While DeSantis hasn't commented on Trump's move, others on the right aren't so quiet. They are accusing Trump of "grooming."

This is  disgusting, vile, and a total blight on the integrity of our political system. It's shamefully disgusting and completely degrading.

And I hope it continues. These two jerks were made for each other.

We all know how vile Trump is and how subtle DeSantis tries to be. Maybe if we're lucky, they will wreck each other like the Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat in that poem I remember so well from my childhood.

'DeSantis trying to control Disney theme parks via legislative process' & other Tue midday news briefs

Fl Gov Ron DeSantis

DeSantis appointees would oversee Disney’s theme parks under bill to revamp Reedy Creek​ - DeSantis is investing too much time in this fight with Disney. Combined with his attacks on the LGBTQ community, trans Floridians in general, higher education, and African-American studies, he may be making himself a hero to the conservative base, but he is spooking more people than he should. The base means nothing if you get everyone else united against you. Trump learned that the hard way. 

Ron DeSantis tries to punish venue that hosted Christmas drag show - Keep it up, my friend. Alienate more people that those who would support you. 

Insurers Refused to Payout Thousands to Trans Doctor After Her Name Change - This is ridiculously unfair what they are doing to her. 

Monday, February 06, 2023

Hate group proves that conservative outrage over Sam Smith and the Grammys is simply about grabbing attention and money

 It's been like this all day Monday. 

Recording artists Sam Smith and Petras performed their hit song 'Unholy' at the Grammy Awards Sunday night and conservative activists and provocateurs have been almost literally stepping over each other to get their moment in the spotlight condemning the performance.

But hate group the American Family Association gets to the gist of the outrage - rage posting for clout and attention. And forget Sam Smith and Petras because AFA has its eye on a goose more golden than either singer:

On Sunday, many Americans gather to worship God as a family of believers. 

 But to Pfizer, CBS and the Grammys, Sunday is a time to bring debauchery and Satanic worship to the world. During the annual Grammy Awards ceremony on Feb.5, originally designed to recognize outstanding artists in the music industry, Pfizer pharmaceutical company felt it fitting to sponsor performers Sam Smith, who claims to be non-binary, and Kim Petras, who claims to be transgender. These two gave the nation a Satan-themed performance of their song "Unholy," in which Petras performed inside a cage with drag queens dressed in devil costumes, while Smith gyrated in a costume with devil horns sticking out from a top hat. 

 The entire "performance" depicted a hellish scene with lots of darkness, blood red colors and flames. 

 And now to the gist of AFA's "concern" 

 Pfizer's sponsorship and ads suggest the company wants your body to be healthy but has no concern about souls celebrating hell. 


 Sign our petition to Pfizer, urging the company to distance itself from controversial programs that have a history of offending decency and disrespecting people of faith. You might consider using alternative health products and medicines to those made by Pfizer. Some of Pfizer's most recognizable products include Advil, Celebrex, Robitussin, Chapstick, Preparation-H, Sensodyne toothpaste, Centrum vitamins and Nexium for heartburn.


But why Pfizer?

 For those who don't know, Pfizer has been a huge target of rage of the religious right and other conservatives because of the COVID vaccine it helped to develop. There are a vast number of conspiracy theories accusing Pfizer of helping to create COVID to supposedly exaggerating the impact of COVID to lastly undermining the alleged harm of vaccines. 

AFA's dragging of Pfizer into the Sam Smith pseudo-outrage is simply a dog whistle to conspiracy theorist on the far right and others who have taken a similar narrative. 

And it gets more confusing the deeper one gets into that world.  All together, those on the right are weaving a jumbled up, highly confused narrative that Pfizer, COVID and the Sam Smith's performance at Grammy Awards is tied together in some sort of  plot to usher in a "globalist world of Satanic worship, pedophiliac elites trafficking children."

Or something like that. 

Basically what we are talking about here is a calculating, cynical attempt to exploit a music performance in order to gain some attention and make some money. Truth be told, I am willing to bet that someone from the AFA not only watched the Grammy performance but also had the petition drawn up before it was over.

In the long run, it's about making money and when your business is outrage, you can't make the money if you don't exploit the outrage. 

'17 year-old trans kid in Utah having to uproot life because of state's anti-trans law' & other Mon midday news briefs

I'm a 17-year-old trans kid in Utah, and I'm uprooting my life because of a law that bans gender-affirming care​ - This should not have to happen, but it is happening.

DeSantis Calls Special Session to Punish Disney's 'Don't Say Gay' Opposition - DeSantis really needs to learn the definition of the word "overkill."

Sunday, February 05, 2023

Video - The (Gay) Harlem Renaissance - The History You Didn't Learn

 Happy Black History Month 2023! 

This year is a big more poignant than most because some folks out there (Ron DeSantis) are trying to undermine how Black History and LGBTQ history intersect. DeSantis and those like him try to eliminate learning how African-American and LGBTQ history intersect because they want to keep both communities divided and at each other's throats about hierarchy and access. When we learn about things like the LGBTQ impact of the Harlem Renaissance, we realize just how similar both communities are in terms of culture and equality struggles.  We also remember the people who are a part of both communities and celebrate their existence instead of aiding and abetting in their erasure.

Friday, February 03, 2023

'Daily Wire host: Doctors who provide gender-affirming care should be executed' & other Fri midday news briefs

Matt Walsh

Daily Wire host: Doctors who provide gender-affirming care should be executed​ - Matt Walsh is spinning the same game plan people on his side of the political spectrum did when they began targeting physicians who performed abortions. This is so dangerous. 

How Tennessee axed millions in HIV funds amid scrutiny from far-right provocateurs - Matt Walsh again with the help of others laying down the blue print. Don't even THINK they will stop at targeting trans Americans.

Virginia Democrats kill six proposed anti-trans bills - BUT as long as we fight, we win. Keep fighting, y'all. '

School choice' is culture-war focus for Kansas legislators - Claiming that we are 'sexualizing' kids to push for private schools. That's a new one. 

Thursday, February 02, 2023

Former lawmaker says Christians must take over the government because America won't be free with drag queens 'running the place'

Jason Rapert

 I personally think drag queens running America would be a welcome change. But that's just me.

This is simply a reminder that all of the lies and fake concern from certain folks about drag queens and kids is simply subterfuge. It's all about seeking power by appealing to people's fears and prejudices.

Hat tip to Right-Wing Watch

'Dozens of Congress members participate in an anti-LGBTQ prayer service' & other Thur midday news briefs

We Are Babylon’: Dozens of Congress Members Participate in Anti-LGBTQ Prayer Service​ - Not surprising, but what are we going to do about it? 

Trump Vows to Gut Transgender Rights if Reelected President - The attempted undermining of the rights and safety of trans Americans is becoming a presidential campaign issue. It affects us all and I say let's fight. 

The chilling Trump speech on “left-wing gender insanity” came straight from right-wing media - Proof again that Trump will latch on anything to get elected.

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Video - Fox News claims of 'woke mind virus' nothing more than sneaky way to be racist, homophobic

 "Wokeism" is the latest word used by conservatives and those on the right to voice to smear anything modern or progressive in the world, particularly all things involving the LGBTQ community and people of color. The above video from The Daily Show demonstrates how Fox News exploits the bigotry behind usage of the word to generate constant fear and  rage from its viewers. The way the network goes on and on about the 'woke mind virus' as if it's a contagion from that sci-fi show The Last of Us would be amusing if not for the real world consequences it produces for those of us the network targets. 

In reality, it's the newest way certain people can employ racist or homophobic tropes. Or in other words, the word "woke" is now the conservative way of  relaying the connotation of such slurs as 'ni@@er' and "fa@@ot" without actually saying the words.

 A coarser way of saying "reverse racism" or "homosexual lifestyle," if you will.

'News coverage of trans kids deliberately exploiting anxieties' & other Wed midday news briefs

Coverage of Trans Kids Exploits the Anxieties of Middle-Class Parents​ - So the coverage is deliberately bad.