Monday, August 15, 2022

Silly conservative 'activist' doesn't know the difference between drag queens, drag kings, and strippers

Right-wing provocateur and wannabe evil mastermind (I call him 'Little Blofeld') Christopher Rufo earlier this year pushed the idea that to further exploit anti-LGBTQ 'grooming' hysteria, folks should refer to drag queens as 'trans strippers.'

One wannabe far-right activist has taken that to heart:

But one thing is putting a money wrench into girlfriend's plans of becoming the reincarnation of Anita Bryant - the simple fact that she was dumb enough to post pictures which contradict her pearl-clutching claim about "drag queen strippers." And when those pictures from her tweet are individually seen, one can't help asking just where are the strippers?

Granted, those defending the activist will probably make excuses about condoms, birth control, and pregnancy tests being available. I say big deal. It's no different than children seeing commercials advertising these things. And I feel safe in saying that I doubt that children were given condoms or birth control at the event.

And of course there is the familiar and tired refrain of "let kids be kids." Well they are being kids in these pictures. They are enjoying a wonderful pride event with their families while being entertained by funny characters in very colorful costumes. 

That's what they see. No sex, no grooming, nor no salacious innuendoes involved. That is except for on the side of those pushing the "OMG, THEY ARE GROOMING KIDS" hysteria.

Unfortunately, nothing I have said will probably get through to the wannabe activist and people supporting her because they are determined to wrap themselves around a ridiculous cause. Still, it's always spotlight the truth so at least others can see just how ridiculous these pearl-clutching, hysteria-chugging fools truly are.

'Librarian sues conservative activists for defamation over banned books controversy' & other Mon midday news briefs

In rare move, school librarian fights back in court against conservative activists - That's right, honey! Take all of their money! There should be consequences with falsely labeling or inferring that people are pedophiles. 

LGBTQ groups denounce Florida plan to limit transgender care - Awful rule brought out of lies takes effect on Sunday. And no doubt folks in other states will push theirs. Bring it on. 

10 researchers say Florida is deliberately distorting their work to undermine healthcare for trans kids and adults - A reminder how FL governor Ron DeSantis and his administration is pushing the above policy via lies and cherry-picked science. 

Wedding rescued by stranger after baker refuses to make cake for lesbian couple - This the problem - the baker didn't let the couple KNOW until the last moment. She had a month. It underscores the basic cowardice of policies like this. You want the right to serve the customers you chose, but then you don't want to announce your policy in the first place. LGBTQ couples are supposed to come in and allow themselves to be humiliated. Yeah, I know. You fear people not wanting to be customers if they find out your policy. That's too bad. That's the price you pay for having such a policy and you simply can't have it both ways. 

Texas PrEP Case Name Changed Because of Negative Press - Awww poor baby! Another coward hiding behind religious beliefs which he doesn't have the guts to publicly stand by.