Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Testing the level of LGBTQ offense - what should we be offended by and what should we 'get over?'


There's so much talk about people supposedly getting offended too much and "cancel culture" (which I think is a myth) that I wanted to do some type of experiment about what people feel is offensive or not.

 The above clip is from the mid 1980s when now legendary comedian Eddie Murphy was just becoming famous. This portion of his stand-up act is talking about gays and AIDS. I should give you a warning if you haven't seen this before - the clip is very not safe for work. Murphy has long since apologized for comments like these he expressed here. 

My question is do you think it's offensive now. And if not, do you at least see a reason for other people to get offended over it. Or do you think folks who may find it hurtful should "get over it?"

'Alabama Senate approves treatment ban for trans kids' & other Wed midday news briefs


Alabama Senate approves treatment ban for trans kids - This is insane and needs to be fought in the courts. It will be.