Friday, August 21, 2015

'Ashley Madison controversy could place some gay men in danger' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Ashley Madison leak can harm gay men in anti-gay countries

I may get stoned to death for gay sex, says Saudi man outed in Ashley Madison leak - We may be cheering how the Ashley Madison controversy has brought down anti-gay hypocrites, but we fail to note that our people, caught in certain situations, are prey to the controversy. 

Illinois latest to ban ‘ex-gay’ therapy for minors - Niiiice!  

Bad Excuses For Misgendering Transgender Victims Of Violence - Just heaping evil upon sadness. The least the media could do when reporting on these issues is to show respect and do the right thing. No excuses.

  Meet The Amazing Woman Who Created Her Family Of 7 Sons Through Adoption - Folks like this women should have more positive attention AND applause coming their way. 

 Catholic Parish Withdraws Offer To Host LGBT Groups During Pope's Visit - Well thanks for the sour persimmmons, jerk!