Monday, November 17, 2014

Media fails to hold Tony Perkins, Family Research Council accountable for homophobia

Tony Perkins
Let's get real for a second.

The only reason why Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has the reputation (undeserved) of a normal Christian leader is because the media is slack in calling him out for the myriad of times he and his organizations have defamed, demonized, and outright lied on the lgbt community.

And it seems to me that another reason is because the lgbt community isn't holding the media - especially OUR media - accountable for this.

Case in point is something he retweeted today.

As many of you already know, Perkins is in the Vatican as one of the invited guests of Pope Francis. He and others, including Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage is "discussing" their view of marriage, a view which of course omits the lgbt community.

There were others invited, including an Archbishop Nicholas Okoh from Nigeria. Perkins really liked him. He even retweeted a statement Okoh made:

Bear in mind, this is the SAME Archbishop Okoh who supports Nigeria's viciously brutal anti-gay laws.

According to Right Wing Watch, he also called gays "manifestations of the devil."

Of course the bigger question is what in the hell is someone like that doing being invited to have an audience with the Pope. But for the purposes of how Perkins likes to constantly harp on how Christians are being persecuted in Ammerica, further questions about his support of Okoh's statement needs to be asked of him.

Most likely these questions won't be asked.  The lgbt community call him a bigot and make jokes about how he is secretly gay. Meanwhile, Perkins will go on Fox News where Megyn Kelly and  company will treat him like a legitimate Christian leader. And they will be very sure to let him control the conversation and not even mention Okoh.

And to me, that's just so damn scandalous, it turns my stomach. 

But I simply have to ask. Am I the only one?

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So why is the owner of the chapel still furious? Because the lesbian couple chose to take the story to the media. Cue the "War on those who believe in Jesus" crap.  It's bad enough that some businesses do not want to cater to the lgbt community. But when they get angry when that fact is known, the situation becomes highly surreal:

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