Friday, August 28, 2020

Four years in 'Trump's America' is enough!

Donald Trump's attempt to blame Joe Biden for his failures as a president creates a first for him. It's the first time he has given someone else credit for HIS work instead of the other way around.

'TX teacher reinstated in spite of complaints about LGBTQ and BLM posters' & other Fri midday news briefs.

A teacher in TX nearly got into trouble because of posters in her virtual classroom.

Teacher reinstated after parents complained about Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ posters - Good. Stand firm.

New Orleans shelter to be ‘forever home’ for homeless trans people - This is wonderful news. And I hope others will follow the lead. 

HHS sued for ending data collection on tribal, LGBTQ youth in foster care - Sock it to them! 

Gay Trump Appointee Grenell Spreads Falsehoods at GOP Convention - 'Gaslighting Grenell' lied his bony white ass off. 

National Republicans Are Ordering Up Attacks On A Democrat’s Sexual Orientation - Nasty is as nasty does.