Monday, March 27, 2017

Franklin Graham called out for homophobia & Trump hypocrisy

Charlotte Observer writer calls out Franklin's hypocrisy.

I hate it when I nearly miss good posts calling out the religious right, such as this one. Over a month ago, Issac Bailey of The Charlotte Observer called out Franklin Graham in a wonderful column Franklin Graham's God isn't mine; is he yours? 

The column blasted Franklin's hypocrisy  about Donald Trump and manic devotion to linking Christianity to conservative politics. Over a month later, it's still causing a buzz.  Check out this snippet:

I am a Christian, born and raised in a Christian family, a man who attended a conservative Christian church for nearly two decades and had my kids dedicated there. But I do not serve the God Graham serves. His God is vengeful and petty. His God favors the already-privileged and doesn’t mind condemning the already-marginalized. His God prefers preserving tradition to saving lives, or even souls. His God wouldn’t care much about the findings in a new study from Johns Hopkins’ School of Public Health, which showed that gay, lesbian and bisexual teenagers have been less likely to try to kill themselves in states that embraced gay marriage.  
.  . . It has always fascinated me that a God who Graham says is never-changing always finds a way to morph in ways that seem to parallel shifts in the Republican Party. The GOP targeted abortion in the 1970s; Graham’s God has been condemning abortion since. The GOP decided to view transgendered Americans as a grave threat to the social order; lo and behold, now so does Graham’s God. After the GOP says a thrice-married adulterous man caught on video bragging about casually sexually assaulting women – after spending years elevating a bigoted conspiracy about the nation’s first black president – is the perfect standard bearer for the party of values voters, Graham’s God miraculously sees past sins for which Donald Trump never repented and elevates him to the highest office in the land. 

'Trump's actions greenlighting the harassment of transgender children' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Trump is greenlighting the harassment of transgender kids - "Make America Great Again," my ass. In the future when some folks vote, they need to think of all of the possible repercussions:

“Ever since Trump rescinded the guidance, I’ve been harassed and bullied and yelled at in the halls,” said Howard, a sophomore at Ozark High School in southwest Missouri. “I have been declared not a person. I am an ‘it.’” Howard, a transgender boy, says he had been using the boys’ bathroom at his public high school since the beginning of the school year without any problems. But that changed last month, when the Trump administration reversed Obama-era guidelines affirming transgender students’ right to use the bathroom in line with their gender identities. One day later, Howard says, he was chased into a bathroom stall by another boy, who banged on the door and yelled in the halls that there was a woman in the wrong bathroom. As he sees it, the timing of the incident was no coincidence. 

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